Organizational Structure

Governance Structure

Faculty and students play a major role in continuous program evaluation and the formulation of recommendations to improve educational policies, procedures, and learning outcomes. As faculty, we realize that our students are extremely busy with numerous demands from their personal, employment, and department-related commitments. Therefore, this web page was designed to provide students with information on the decision-making process used in the Department, as well as to provide a communication vehicle to assist students in voicing their concerns and suggestions.

Policy recommendations governing the operation of the nursing program originate in the Department's five standing committees. Recommendations are forwarded to the faculty organization for approval. Policy changes are then routed to the Dean for final approval and implementation.

The five standing committees are:

Admission and Progression

The committee is responsible for establishing undergraduate admission, progression, retention, advisement, and professional standards policies. These policies are shared with students through the CNHS Undergraduate Student Handbook.


The Curriculum Committee addresses undergraduate curriculum design and implementation issues. This committee is responsible for ongoing curriculum evaluation, and ensuring compliance with the Alabama Board of Nursing educational standards and the national accreditation standards required of the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

Faculty Affairs

Faculty responsibilities for teaching, scholarship, and services are reviewed and addressed by this committee. Recommendation on faculty workload and evaluation are formulated along with evaluation of the library and CNHS media center. The Faculty Fellows Award, faculty research awards, and other faculty recognition awards are responsibilities of the committee.

Student Alumni Affairs

Most of the activities associated with JANS, Career Day, Honors Day, and JSU Preview/Visitation days are planned in collaboration with the Director of Student Services and are the responsibility of this committee. Student awards, scholarships, and service outcome data are specific activities assigned to this committee.

Graduate Council

This committee is responsible for all policies and procedures related to the graduate nursing programs. Admission, retention, curriculum, graduation, and program development issues are all addressed by this committee and are shared with students in the Graduate Student Handbook.