About JSU School of Nursing

Mission Statement

The School of Nursing provides a learning-centered community that facilitates evidence-based teaching and learning within professional undergraduate and graduate programs to develop culturally competent and ethical nurses prepared to engage within the global healthcare environment. 

Vision Statement

Empowering exemplary nurses to care for anyone, anytime, anywhere.


To achieve this mission, Jacksonville State University School of Nursing will: 

  1. Deliver innovative learning-centered nursing education programs at the baccalaureate and graduate levels.   
  2. Engage in continuous quality improvement practices to ensure the relevance of the curricula in an evolving complex healthcare environment. 
  3. Support faculty development that enhances teaching, research, and service scholarship. 
  4. Recruit, develop, and retain diverse students and faculty with knowledge, skills, and attitudes reflective of the culturally competent nursing professional. 
  5. Develop collaborative partnerships and inter-professional relationships designed to meet the needs of internal and external communities of interest. 
  6. Use technology to foster innovation in nursing practice, education, and evidence-based decision-making. 
  7. Promote scholarship, service, and practice activities that include students and faculty. 

Strategic Initiatives 

Professional values serve as a foundation for nursing practice.   

  1. Professionalism 
  2. Integrity and Respect 
  3. Compassionate Care 
  4. Nursing Knowledge 
  5. Learning-centered Community 
  6. Innovation and Excellence 
  7. Effective Communication 
  8. Community and Outreach  
  9. Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion