Student Success Technology

Mission/About Statement

The Student Success Technology office is designed to help improve student success and retention rates by managing and implementing innovative education technologies. In addition, the office serves as the center for accurate data related to student success initiatives and interventions. Using these analytics, our team identifies high-needs learners to inform student support services, who then assist these students early on to increase the likelihood of success.


To assess, maintain, and manage a system of engagement using technology related to student retention so that support services can root their practices in data-driven ways. 

Values & Principles

  • Collaboration – Strives to work collaboratively with academic and student service departments in their student success initiatives and assessment.

  • Evaluation – Believes in evaluating our decisions and practices through quantitative and qualitative data to improve how JSU serves students.

  • Outcome-orientated – Maintains focus on the overall goals at the unit and institutional levels.

  • Adaptability – Our team is willing to question, change, and improve our processes to progress and support departments in serving students.


The Student Success Technology office is responsible for providing management and oversight to the JSU Navigate, Navigate Student App, EdSights Cocky Chatbot, and the Navigate Care Team in a way that brings together administrators, faculty, advisors, and staff to support students from enrollment to graduation. To do so, the Student Success Technology office will:

  • Create and maintain a culture of support by collaborating with faculty, advisors, and specialized support staff to address student needs.

  • Provide ongoing support, training, and communications with departments regarding system changes and features.

  • Utilize predictive analytics to identify and prioritize students who would benefit from student support services.

  • Coordinate student support initiatives tied directly to Progress Report Campaigns, Faculty Issued Alerts, and EdSights Risk Alerts with the collaboration of the Navigate Care Team.

  • Equips student support services with information about students to proactively and collaboratively track student outcomes to ensure ongoing success.

  • Manage the execution and effectiveness of system functionalities to identify student trends and needs based on department connectivity and student outcomes.

  • Implement success-based student communications via JSU Navigate, Navigate Student App, EdSights Cocky Chatbot in targeting different populations based on needs.

  • Conduct research, quantitatively and qualitatively, to collect data on non-returners, stop-outs, and low-performers to pinpoint areas of concern in addressing retention and persistence.