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Officers graduating from a pre-approved APOSTC regional academy session beginning in Fall 2022 may receive twenty-one (21) credit hours from Jacksonville State University at no cost.

Student Instructions for Law Enforcement Academy Students

1. Attend a pre-approved APOSTC basic academy session.

  • Currently, this program is only available to regional students attending the 13-week basic law enforcement certification course at Northeast Alabama Law Enforcement Academy, Law Enforcement Academy – Tuscaloosa or the Alabama Criminal Justice Training Center (Selma).

2. Register with Jacksonville State University at the beginning of the session

  • Registration should be completed within 48 hours of beginning an academy session. Students may not register with JSU for this credit before attending an academy.

Register Online

3. Successfully graduate from the basic academy.

  • Students must complete all graduation requirements and receive their APOSTC certification to receive JSU credit.
  • College course grades will mirror the student’s academic average from the basic session.

4. Credits Awarded

  • Upon graduation, student’s should allow at least four (4) weeks for the credit to process.
  • JSU awards college credit for predesignated courses. These courses are subject to change. 
  • As of Fall 2022, the courses are:
    • CJ 101: Intro to Criminal Justice, 3 credit hours

    • CJ 201: Criminal Law, 3 credit hours
    • CJ 202: Intro to Law Enforcement, 3 credit hours

    • CJ 320: Criminal Investigations, 3 credit hours 

    • CJ 472: Senior Internship in CJ, 3 credit hours

    • HPE 115: Beginning Fitness, 1 credit hour

    • MSC 112: Basic Marksmanship, 2 credit hours

    • MSC 115: First Aid, 3 credit hours

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*Students who attended a JSU-affiliated law enforcement academy prior to Fall 2022 may have been awarded up to 15 credits.