Activities and Community Services

Students dance at UN Day Tea

United Nations Day Tea

The biggest annual multi-cultural event on campus hosted by the International House students. Our House students display the value of International House Program through performances.

Bonding Trip

The most exciting event at the beginning of the year when all of the new students get to know each other. The trip is 1-2 days and includes outdoor activities and games to allow the students to get to bond as a group.

Tasters Fair

A cultural food festival where international students cook and serve traditional food from their countries.

Students at Christmas banquet at International House

Christmas Banquet

A formal dinner at the house that concludes the end of the first semester before Christmas break.
Students celebrating Holi at International House

International Education Week

A cultural awareness week hosted by the International Student Organization. There are a lot of fun activities, such as the soccer game, movie night, water balloon fight, silent auction, and the Taster's Fair.

The Vibe

The biggest party on campus organized by the International Student Organization and freshmen at the International House. There is free food, drink, music, dancing and lots of fun!

Valentine's Day

On Valentine's Day, we have students led party organized by the House students and members of the International Student Organization. 

Students at annual International House banquet

Formal Banquet

The final banquet that wraps up the whole year, when awards are given to extraordinary House students for their commitment to the program.

Community Services

Giving back to our campus and the larger community is an integral part of the International House Program. The international house students continue to give back to our campus community and larger community through volunteer services.

Total volunteer hours: 909

 The international house students participate in many on-campus and off-campus volunteer services including but not limited to the ones listed below:

Community Services on campus


  • Student Panel discussion on any cultural or global topics.
  • Classroom presentations on topics: health, education, infrastructure, culture, languages, etc.   
  • Assist different student organizations with their event promotion and participation.
  • Lead, coordinate and participate in diverse cultural activities.
  • Represent the international house program at events like JSU preview day and Open house.
Community Services off campus


  • Girl Scout World Thinking Day.
  • City Latin Festival.
  • Black History Celebration.
  • Presentations about different countries and cultures to schools, and different clubs.
  • Calhoun County Rotary Club Service Project.