Employee Recognition Programs

Employee Recognition Programs have been developed to recognize and reward Jacksonville State University outstanding staff and faculty. These programs allow recognition across campus via Divisional Awards and provides opportunity for University-wide recognition via the annual Staff and Faculty Awards Ceremonies.

Service Awards

At JSU we place great value on the individual and combined experience of our faculty and staff. We recognize our employees who reach service milestones in their careers, awarding service pins and other incentives at years 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and beyond. 

Staff members receive their pins at the annual service awards and holiday event in December.

Faculty members receive their pins at the Faculty Awards ceremony in May.

Faculty Awards

We are proud of the outstanding faculty who share their knowledge and expertise with our students. Each May, some of our best and brightest are honored during the Faculty Awards program, sponsored by the JSU Faculty Commons and the Division of Academic Affairs. These award winners are chosen by their peers. 

More About JSU Faculty Awards

Nominate Someone for a Faculty Award

Staff Awards

Staff have the opportunity to nominate their coworkers and peers for Annual Awards. The nominations are then presented to the Cabinet for review and vote. The award winners are recognized at the annual Staff Awards Ceremony in December of each year.

Four Staff award categories are based on specific criteria:

  • The Friendliest Campus in the South Award. This award recognizes nominees who continuously demonstrate excellence in customer service and support the JSU motto: “The Friendliest Campus in the South.” This award is open to exempt and non-exempt employees.
  • The Excellence in Service Award. Non-exempt staff who have performed in an exemplary manner to further the mission of the University may be nominated for this award.
  • The Distinguished Service Award. Exempt (monthly) staff, who have performed in an exemplary manner, exceeding the expectations set for their position and fostering the mission of the University, may be nominated for this award. This award is for employees who have been employed at Jax State for a minimum of five years.
  • The Gamecock Spirit Award. Nominees should be employees who by actions, words, and deeds, make their department/University an exceptional place to work. This award is open to exempt and non-exempt employees.
Award Nominees Eligibility Criteria:
  • Cannot be a member of the President’s Cabinet
  • Must have successfully completed the probationary period (if hired for less than 1 year)
  • Cannot be on an active PIP or disciplinary process
  • Must be approved by their immediate supervisor, who will review for PIP, disciplinary process, or concerning issue
  • Cannot have been awarded one of the four annual awards in the past 5 years.

Process for Nomination/Selection:

  • HR will announce and open nominations in October. Employees will be allowed to nominate a staff member for one of the four awards.
  • The nomination will be submitted to HR and reviewed to ensure the employee’s eligibility for the award nomination, including obtaining the supervisor’s approval.
  • The nominees who are eligible will be presented to the Cabinet for voting in November.
  • In the case of a tie, an additional vote will be conducted by the Cabinet.
  • The President will present awards at the Annual Staff Awards Ceremony in December.
  • Awards will include:
    • Award Plaque
    • $500.00 monetary award

Divisional Awards

With the diverse focus and responsibilities of Divisions, each division will determine the best recognition program for its employees.

  • Possible recognitions include:
    • Employee of the Month for [Division]
    • Employee of the Semester for [Division} (Fall/Spring/Summer)
    • Gamecock Star Employee for individual recognition of employees who have been identified as demonstrating excellence which might be acknowledged by a certificate.
    • Other recognitions determined by the Division.
  • Each division’s vice president’s office will solicit nominations and establish a voting method that will ensure an equitable process.
  • The vice president will present the award to the recipient in a manner determined by the division.
  • Each division will select one (1) Exempt Employee of the Year for [Division] and one (1) Non-exempt Employee of the Year for [Division}. The Employees of the Year recipients from each Division will be presented these awards at the annual Staff Awards Ceremony.