Interprofessional Education Funding Program

The purpose of the Interprofessional Education Funding program is to encourage the development, implementation, and evaluation of interprofessional education (IPE) experiences at Jacksonville State University. Submission for funding should include more than 1 discipline, preferably across colleges. Re-application for funding can occur every 3 years.

Approved applications may be awarded up to $1500. The number of applications and amount awarded will depend on the quality, potential outcomes, and total cost of the proposal.

The deadline for applications will be October 31, 2022, with notification of funding by the end of the Fall 2022 semester. Funds will be available from January 1, 2023, to September 30, 2023.

*Documentation of support/approval from department head(s) in the form of an email, memo, or other document (y/n)

Narrative Project Description is 3 pages or less (y/n)

Abstract (1 - 3 points)

Provides concise, clear information of project in 100 words or less.

Background and Significance  (1 - 5 points)

  • Provides a brief synopsis of the proposal including disciplines involved, the problem statement, the project importance, and how the project will be implemented.

Instructional Merit (6 – 30 points)

  • Evidence of contribution to IPE at JSU (1 – 6 points)
  • Evidence of benefits to students and project team (1 – 6 points)
  • Includes Student Learning Outcomes (1 – 6 points)
  • Includes number of learners, specific course(s) (1 – 6 points)
  • Project and objectives are connected to IPEC core competencies (1 – 6 points)

Procedures and Timeline  (1 - 3 points)

  • Procedures and Timeline fall between January 1, 2023, to September 30, 2023, and project is feasible.

Assessment and Dissemination of Effectiveness (1 – 4 points)

  • Identifies how project will be evaluated for assessing project goals
  • Assessment aligns with IPEC core competencies
  • Identifies how project will be disseminated

Budget (1 – 5 points)

Detailed budget and justification of expenditures are provided.

Expenditures are listed by major category.

* Without support/approval from department head(s) the proposal will not be reviewed.

**Influenced from Daniel F. Breeden Grant Scoring Rubric, Auburn University

Application Procedure

Applications should include:

  • Documentation of support/approval from the department chair(s) in the form of an email, memo, or other document.
  • An abstract of 100 words or less on the proposed project.
  • A narrative description of the proposed project (no longer than three (3) pages)
  • Project Personnel qualifications. Provide a brief description of the qualifications of the project personnel (no more than 100 words per person).

Guidelines for Narrative Project Descriptions

Applications that do not follow these guidelines will not be reviewed. Proposal should not exceed three (3) pages and should be organized as follows:

Section 1: Background and Significance
Provide a brief synopsis of the proposal including disciplines involved, the problem statement, the project importance, and how the project will be implemented.

Section 2: Instructional Merit
State the objectives of the proposed project in terms of its potential contributions to interprofessional education at Jacksonville State University. Explain how the project will benefit the project team, students (to include learning outcomes), and the University’s overall dedication to enhancing interprofessional education. Indicate the number of learners, and the specific course(s) that will be involved. Describe the relationship between the project objectives, the course objectives, and the IPEC (Interprofessional Education Collaborative) core competencies.

Section 3: Procedures and Timeline
Describe the procedures that will be used to achieve the project objectives and provide a timeline for completing the project. The project should be conducted between January 1, 2023 and September 30, 2023.

Section 4: Assessment and Dissemination of Effectiveness
Discuss how the project will be evaluated for effectiveness at achieving its objectives and its alignment with the IPEC core competencies. List the ways you will disseminate the results and/or outcomes of the project (i.e., state, local, or regional meeting, Faculty Commons, etc.).

Section 5: Budget
Provide a detailed budget for the project with justifications for all expenditures. List expenditures by major category and expenditures should exclude faculty salary (to include benefits) and staff wages. List any other sources of funds currently available and any other applications made for funds for the project.

*Influenced by Auburn University’s Breeden Endowment Grant RFP (Request for Proposals) and the Association of Schools Advancing Health Professions’ Interprofessional Collaboration Research Grant.

Proposal Form