Mysti Nichols

102 Stone Center   

Ms. Nichols has ten years of experience teaching between public high schools and here at Jacksonville State University. She decided to pursue a career in education to help her students succeed in their studies and in life. Her life was impacted in distinct ways by educators throughout her academia. These teachers took the charge of making a difference in the lives of their students, and it is Ms. Nichols' intention and hope to do the same.

Mysti Nichols

Courses Taught:

  • EH 101 English Composition I
  • EH 102 English Composition II
  • EH 105 Enhanced English Composition I
  • EH 106 Enhanced English Composition II
  • EH 141 Speech
  • EH 201 American Literature I: Beginnings to 1865
  • EH 202 American Literature II: 1865 to Present
  • EH 204 British Literature II: Beginnings to 1800
  • EH 379 The Bible as Literature
  • EH 490 Writing Center Practicum


  • M.Ed. in Secondary Education, Supporting Area of Emphasis English, from University of West Alabama in 2008
  • B.A in English, Supporting Area of Emphasis Secondary Education, University of Mobile in 2005

Other Responsibilities

  • First-Year Writing Committee
  • Recruitment and P.R. Committee
  • Sigma Tau Delta English Honor Society Faculty Sponsor
  • Service Evaluation Committee
  • Social Committee