Master of Science- Geographic Information Science and Technology

JSU MGIS student at the computer

JSU graduates will enter and excel in the field of Geographic Information Science and Technology. Graduates of our program should be able to develop technologies for the capture and analysis of spatial data. Our students will be able to cross disciplines easily, working in multiple fields in a trans-disciplinary approach to spatial problem-solving. Students will combine cartography, computer science, geo-informatics, spatial statistics, and in-depth spatial analysis to problem solve from a spatial perspective. We are equipped to respond to the growing need for highly qualified experts who can embrace the multi-dimensionality and complexity of the spatial sciences.

Geospatial technology is ubiquitous and the expanse of its reach in multiple fields is growing rapidly. Most technologies require a spatial component and it is one of the pillars of emerging technologies. Be it our day-to-day activities or cutting edge futuristic research, none can be visualized without geospatial information.

Potential Careers

Geospatial jobs are those where you use GPS and GIS technology to gather information to understand spatial relations between objects and locations on Earth. Geospatial jobs include titles such as geospatial manager, project manager, GIS analyst, GIS specialist, geospatial analysis management specialist, GIS developer, geospatial engineer, and GIS coordinator.

Median Annual Salary

Top-level geospatial information scientist $126,773
Mid-level geospatial information scientist $90,270
Junior-level geospatial information scientist $64,278
Starting level geospatial information scientist $47,350

*Median annual salaries are according to Career Explorer

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Additional Facts

  • Most of our undergrad students who want to work in the Geospatial field have found positions. Placement over all is high.
  • We anticipate the Masters level (only three programs in the state) will be highly sought after for program manager and project manager positions.
  • Many jobs in Government (at all levels). Our students are working at Airports, County, City, and State level governments. NOAA, National and State Park Services, Departments of Transportation, etc.

Speak with Joe Morgan, Department Head

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