Mark Sciuchetti

Assistant Professor of Geography
209 Martin Hall

Mark Sciuchetti, Assistant Professor of Geography, holds a PhD in Geography and the MM in Musicology from the Florida State University and the MA in History from Columbus State University. His research interests include sound studies, urban geography, cultural geography, musical descriptions of the landscape and geo-humanities. He has collaborated across many fields, including history, musicology, and ethnomusicology. His dissertation research explored soundscapes on the Hudson River, New York, USA and the affectual capacity of sound to create and (re)create place and identity. He recently worked on a sound mapping project, Moravian Soundscapes, which is a sonic history of the Moravian mission communities in North America, specifically in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. He is also currently involved in an interdisciplinary research projects on sound and movement in space through water. Other research projects include indigenous soundscapes in Alabama and the connection between village life and sacred settings on the Choccolocco Mountains; heritage tourism and indigenous representation in Ohio; historical GIS and mapping of Moravian communities; Political Mapping of United States Elections; Soundscapes of the Grateful Dead, Mapping the Place and Time of Charles Ives' music; and sound reconstruction of the Apalachee and Spanish musical culture of Mission San Luis in Tallahassee, FL. He has received grants for his soundscape research from Florida State University, the Society for American Music, and Jacksonville State University. Currently, he teaches undergraduate classes in Digital Mapping and GIS (GY208), Physical Geography I (GY250), Music, Geography, and graduate classes in Geospatial Programming (GIS419), Spatial Statistics (GIS517), along with many graduate special topics courses. In the classroom, he is interested in fostering collaborative learning and active participation, field work, and real-world experience and analysis.

Mark Sciuchetti

Courses Taught

  • GY120 – World Regional Geography
  • GY208 - Intro to Digital Mapping and GIS
  • GY220 - Human Geography
  • GY250 – Physical Geography I
  • GY251 – Physical Geography II
  • GY406 – Music Geography
  • GY466 – Cultural Geography
  • GIS419 – Geospatial Programming
  • GIS517 – Spatial Statistics
  • GIS540 - Site Location Analysis
  • GIS570 – Crime Mapping


August 2019
The Florida State University, Department of Geography
Title: “Sound and Place: An Affective Geography of the Hudson River, New York, USA.”
Advisor: Dr. Victor Mesev, Harrison V. Chase Distinguished Professor of Geography

May 2018
The Florida State University, College of Music – Historical Musicology
Thesis Title: “Composing Place in Two Works by Emma Lou Diemer.”
Advisor: Dr. Denise Von Glahn, Curtis Mayes Orpheus Professor of Musicology

May 2015
Columbus State University, Department of History
Thesis Title: “How and Why Patrons of the Arts used Music as a Form of Political Currency from 1780 to 1800.”
Advisor: Dr. Neal McCrillis, Columbus State University