Payment Plan FAQ

Questions may be directed via email to, call (256) 782-5296 or visit the Office of Student Accounts in Room 245 Angle Hall.

The total balance due will be divided into equal installments. Visit this Payment Plan web page for the current semester installment dates.

Yes. The non-refundable set-up fee is $50.00 per semester and must be paid when you enroll in the payment plan.

Current semester charges for tuition, General University Fee, Doctorate Fee, student ID fee, parking decal fee, university housing, and the residential dining charge (if applicable) and other miscellaneous semester charges.

No. To sign up for the payment plan you must have a zero balance for all prior semesters.

• You may enroll through your My.JSU account.
• Choose "View Account/Make Payment." 
• Choose the Payment Plans tab from the top menu.
• Sign Up For A New Payment Plan.
• Select Term.

When signing up you must designate a payment method; your choices are MasterCard, Visa, Discover, E-check or savings account. The set-up fee will be processed immediately using the payment method provided. Established Authorized Users may enroll a student in a payment plan. (Details on how to establish an authorized user are found below).

Yes. First you must have a new saved payment method on file. To add a new payment method, log into My.JSU and select My Profiles, Payment Profiles and add new method.

To complete the payment method change
• Select Payment Plans and you will see your payment installments and current payment method.
• Select the Change icon next to your current payment method.
• From the Change Payment Method drop down menu, choose the new payment method you want to use.
• After selecting the payment method click GO, select YES to change. You will see confirmation of the new payment method for your future scheduled installment(s).

Yes. As additional semester charges are placed on your account, the balance will be recalculated to reflect the new installment amount.

By providing the required payment method, installments are automatically charged on the published installment date. Any payment mailed to the University will reduce your remaining installment amounts. Payment Plans are recalculated daily.

Important! The JSU Payment Plan is an adjustable plan based on any new charges or credits applied to the account so that the final installment will include any unpaid semester charges. Thus, the original plan displayed may not be the plan a day later if a class is added or dropped or other charges or credits are applied to the student account.

NOTE: JSU will recalculate all payment plans and send an email notification for payment plan accounts that change by dropping/adding a class. Do keep in mind it is your responsibility to monitor your payment plan. New charges applied are divided and equalized into the remaining Installments.

No. The JSU Payment Plan is not mandatory. You can pay your bill in full prior to the published due date to avoid late fees and to avoid cancellation of your scheduled classes.

You can pay all or part of your installment at any time provided the full amount is paid by the installment due date. Otherwise, your saved payment method will be processed for any remaining balance on the installment due date.

Each payment plan will have scheduled installment due dates that are set by JSU. You will be required to save a payment method when you enroll, and JSU will automatically draft the account you have saved.

NOTE: if you have made your installment payment prior to the due date, JSU will not draft your account for that installment.

The due dates for each term payment plan are displayed on the Payment Plan page.

No. There is a non-refundable set-up fee of $50.00 to enroll in the payment plan each semester.

No. There is no interest charged.

If JSU cannot automatically draft the account using the payment method provided upon enrollment, a late fee of $30.00 will be applied to your account.

When the aid is applied to your account it will be applied to the next scheduled installment(s). If the amount received pays your account in full, no further installments will be processed unless you incur additional charges.

  • Log in to your My.JSU account.
  • Choose "View Account/Make Payment."
  • Choose the "Authorized User" tab from top menu.
  • Choose "Add an Authorized User."
  • Enter the email address of the person you would like to designate as an authorized user. Choose the features you would like this user to have access to on your account.
  • Click "Add User."
  • Before the user is added, you must check "I Agree" to the following statement:
I hereby authorize Jacksonville State University to grant Authorized User Email Address full access to my accounts, including ability to view all monthly statements, and/or make payments accordingly. My payment methods, credit card and/or checking account information, will remain confidential and hidden from all other users. I understand that I am still primarily responsible for ensuring that all my accounts are paid on time and in full.

The authorized user will receive an email containing a temporary password and instructions for access through The user may view your online statements, schedule payments, or enroll in a payment plan for the semester.

Please remember that you are still primarily responsible for ensuring that all fees are paid on time and in full by the published due date.

If the authorized user attempts to log in to the system and forgets their password, they can request online to have the password emailed to them.

Yes. If you want to participate in the payment plan, you must enroll each semester. The $50.00 non-refundable set-up fee is charged each semester.