Passport Program

Kaleidoscope Passport Program Logo

As part of the re-launch of Kaleidoscope, the passport program will award prizes to audience members who attend several events. The Kaleidoscope passport will help participants document their arts adventures. Passports are available at Kaleidoscope events and provide a place for documentation of attendance. Participants who attend events should have their passport stamped, and those with at least five stamps from two types of events (from music, art, theatre, film, creative writing) may be entered into a drawing for prizes. Submit your passport by April 19; art auction tickets drawing will be on April 20. Otherwise, submit by April 29. Drawing will be on April 30 at the Film Festival.

To participate, follow these easy steps:

  • When you attend an event, ask for a passport stamp. 
  • Obtain at least five stamps from two types of events (from music, art, theatre, film, creative writing). 
  • Visit the site link below to upload a photo of your passport and provide the requested information.