Information for High School Counselors

Freshman Applications

For a complete list of requirements for First Time Freshmen, review the Admissions Procedures in the Undergraduate Catalog.

To Apply:

  1. Student must complete the JSU admissions application. 
  2. Student must submit the required $35 application fee.*
  3. Student must request official high school transcripts to be sent directly from a school administrator.
    • Please submit one transcript through the junior year when a student applies for admission, and a final transcript after the student graduates. Jacksonville State University requires the date of graduation and final GPA on the final transcript. JSU will accept ACT/SAT test scores from the official high school transcript.

*Application Fee Waivers - JSU will accept requests to waive the $35 admissions application fee for first year students who have a financial need. Requests including ACT/CollegeBoard fee waivers, NACAC fee waivers, and letters/emails from a high school administrator or counselor will be accepted. Students may complete an admissions application and select that they will request a fee waiver before submitting their application. Documentation of that request will be added as a supplemental item to complete the application. 

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To Be Admitted:

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, JSU will not require the ACT or SAT for admission for any 2021 term. To be admitted students must have the following: 

  • Official High School Grade Point Average 2.00 on 4.00 scale 
    • Based on high school GPA, some first-time freshman may be required to enroll in a learning skills course and/or student success coaching during their freshman year at JSU. 
    • If a student does not initially meet admission requirements, they may appeal their admissions decision through our undergraduate Admissions Committee.  

Freshman Scholarships

JSU will offer merit scholarships open admission beginning in October of each year. For a complete listing of freshman merit scholarships, please visit our scholarships website.

Dual Enrollment

Jacksonville State University’s Dual Enrollment Programs offers robust course offerings to be counted for high school and college credits. Courses are offered concurrently at partner high schools, online, and on JSU’s campus. We have staff specific to our dual enrollment program who can schedule appointments with your school to assist any student interested in taking dual enrollment courses. Depending on the visitation policy and safety measures in place at your school, our staff can offer a virtual or in-person meeting. 


A student is eligible to be a part of the Dual Enrollment program if he or she meets the following requirements:

  • 10th, 11th or 12th grade student
  • B average in course work
  • Completed High School Authorization Form 

Program Information

Find scholarship information, course offerings, and more on our Dual Enrollment Program page.  

Upcoming Events & Important Dates

August 17, 2020 - August 1, 2021
Fall 2021 Preferred Admissions Application Period

September 1, 2020 - February 1, 2021
2021-2022 Competitive Scholarship Application Period


October 1, 2020 - April 1, 2021
Fall 2021 Preferred Housing Application Period

April 24th, 2021
Spring Preview Day