Department of English

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Department of English Mission Statement

Using innovative teaching approaches, the Department of English empowers students to write and communicate across numerous current and emerging fields, to think critically, and to solve problems creatively. At all levels of instruction--from first-year composition through graduate classes--the Department of English establishes a firm foundation for students to begin their exploration of the world and, for English majors, builds on that foundation with opportunities to enrich their cultural and intellectual lives through classes that emphasize deep analysis, careful research, and rigorous writing across several fields including the study of literature, creative writing, and professional writing. The Department of English both serves the needs of the University and strives to become a destination department for those students whose personal goals and intellectual curiosity align with the Department’s mission.

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Department Head

Dr. Andrea Porter 

Departmental Administrative Assistant

Ms. Susan Hurst 

Undergraduate Advisor

Dr. Teresa Reed 

Graduate Advisor

Dr. Randy Davis 

Writing Center Coordinator

Ms. Mysti Nichols 

Coordinator of First-Year Writing

Dr. Raina Kostova

Writing Across the Curriculum Coordinator

Ms. Katelyn Williams

Common Reading Program Coordinator

Ms. Susan Dean

Certification Advisor

Ms. Barbara Cook