Kiwibot Information

Kiwibot is a last-mile delivery service that uses cute little robots to communicate atoms within a community. A robotic fleet operated by Kiwibot ensures enough sustainable modes of accessibility for new users with new lifestyles and increased demands for hygiene, safety, and convenience.

  • Place your order in the Everyday app on your smartphone
  • The order is sent to your selected dining location
  • You are informed of that status
  • The robot collects your order and drives it to you!
  • The average time is 20 - 35 minutes depending on distance and peak times

More information on the Kiwibots

  • Silver - $40.00 per semester
    Subscribe to the kiwiBOT - SILVER Delivery package for 15 free deliveries with $0 service fee.
  • Gold - $109.00 per semester
    Subscribe to the kiwiBOT - GOLD Delivery package for 40 free deliveries with $0 service fee.
  • Platinum - $159.00 per semester
    Subscribe to the kiwiBOT - PLATINUM Delivery package for 70 free deliveries with $0 service fee.

Unsure of Committing?

  • A La Carte - $2.00 per delivery
    Try out a single delivery by paying a small delivery fee + service fee*!
    *10% Service Fee of Total order

Subscriptions can be purchased with cash/credit cards at any time throughout the semester.

  • Monday-Friday 11:00am - 7:00pm

You can pick-up your Cocky’s Kitchen from the following locations:

  • Fitzpatrick Hall
  • Curtiss Hall
  • Meehan/Stadium
  • Dixon Hall
  • International House
  • Angle Hall
  • Kennamer Hall
  • Hammond Hall
  • Pannel Hall
  • Ramona Wood
  • Mason Hall
  • Crow Hall
  • Patterson Hall
  • Rock House
  • Logan Hall
  • Ayers Hall
  • Stephenson Hall
  • Daugette Hall
  • TMB

In order to find out where the bots are on campus, please reference the KiwibotMap.