Greek Excellence Milestones (GEM)


The mission of the GEM (Greek Excellence Millstones) is to celebrate the sorority and fraternity chapters at Jacksonville State University. It is to remind chapters of their own personal achievements in excellence within the Interfraternity Council, the Panhellenic Council, and the National Pan-Hellenic Council. This program was also created to bring attention to the excellence within Fraternity and Sorority Life to show case the benefits of membership within our Greek organizations


Due to the variation in size of membership of our 21 organizations, different measurements are used within sections where chapters must achieve a certain percentage level. This allows each group to meet the requirement without chapter size being a determining factor.


Awards will be given to chapters scoring between 70% and above. Multiple fraternities and sororities will win awards from all 3 councils.

  • The Chapters achieving the most outstanding scores, 90% and above, will receive the Diamond GEM for the Most Outstanding Chapter(s).

  • The Chapters scoring 80% - 89% will be designated Ruby GEM Winners.

  • The Chapters scoring 70% - 79% will be recognized as Sapphire GEM Winners.

The winning organizations will be recognized for their achievements at the Greek Ball Ceremony. Each GEM Level will come with a monetary award as well for Scholarships or Philanthropy. 

It is possible for multiple groups to achieve the Diamond, Ruby, or Sapphire level awards.


The following areas will be evaluated based on the information submitted by the chapter and the official academic report each year:

GEM Stone Chapter Awards

  • Membership Report

  • Academics 

  • New Member Program

  • Chapter/ Financial Management 

  • Campus /Community Involvement/ Service Hours

GPA Awards

  • Highest GPA - (IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners

  • Highest New Member GPA -(IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners

  • Most Improved GPA - (IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners

Individual Awards

  • Advisor of the Year Award (Chapter and Alumni) - 2 Awards
  • New Member of the Year (IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners
  • Chapter Member of the Year (IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners
  • Greek Man of the Year (IFC/NPHC) - 2 Winners
  • Greek Woman of the Year (NPHC/CPA) - 2 Winners
  • Chapter President of The Year (IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners
  • Chapter of the Year (IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners
  • GEM Chapter of the Year - 1 winner

Chapter Awards

  • Greek Unity Award (This will be introduced next year)
Alumni Engagement Award

  • Philanthropy Service Award (IFC/NPHC/CPA) - 3 Winners

GEM Open Date: January 8th 2024

GEM Due Date: March 5th 2024

  • All Chapters must Complete The GEM.

  • If a chapter submits after March 5th, 2024 that chapter is not eligible for awards.

  • If a chapter does not submit by April 1st, then that chapter goes on social probation until they submit.

If you have any questions, please reach out to Assistant Dean of Students and FSL Advisor Kendal Garrett.


GEM Report Created: Fall 2023

GEM Report Adopted: December 2023
Fill Out GEM Report on Campus Groups

Grading Criteria:

  • Membership Report: - 10%
  • Academics - 25%
  • New Member Program - 25%
  • Chapter/ Financial Management - 20%
  • Campus /Community Involvement/ Service Hours - 20%