The study of how we live together, and how our lives are structured by social institutions, culture, and history.

About Sociology at JSU

Sociology prepares you for the 21st century job market. You will find sociologists studying people in their 'natural habitats', in schools, medical facilities, sporting events, parties, weddings, during disasters and many, many more.

Sociology is all around you - technology, family, religion, economy, media, government, and education.

Anything you want, just hear from our alumni:

Government Government The professors had an eagerness to teach which made me eager to learn. I am able to recognize and apply... what I learned to an individual youth.”
- Quintin Day, Juvenile Correctional Officer
EconomyEconomy [The faculty] presented many innovative ideas to further motivate and support students’ development and career growth.”
- Ceandra James, Career Readiness Transition Instructor
ReligionReligion My knowledge of society, my ability to critically view the world through a variety of perspectives, and... my ability to do research are due to my experiences in the JSU Sociology Program.”
- Scott Clark, Associate Pastor Good Shepherd United
EducationEducation Upon leaving JSU I find that graduate coursework, teaching, and research are not major challenges for me as they are for some of my classmates.”
- DaJuan Williams, PhD Candidate and Research Fellow, University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee
FamilyFamily The sociology faculty saw something special in me that I didn’t see in myself. They gave me the confidence I needed to pursue my dream. The push and opportunities the sociology faculty gave me helped me grow as a person, student and worker.”
- Patricia Nelson, Counseling

"The appreciation for and desire to understand diverse viewpoints that I developed as a result of my education... aid me in conflict resolution and help me tune in to our customers in surveys and focus groups."

- Zac Williams, Forecast Analyst Gulf Power

SY 221: Introduction to Sociology

Major Minor

Did you know?
The Sociology major or minor is available in the traditional classroom or 100% online.

You will learn the following 21st century skills that employers are looking for:

  • Critical Thinking: Debunking common sense understandings of the real world
  • Communication: Engage in and facilitate civil discourse to build consensus through writing and dialogue
  • Analysis: Comprehend and synthesize information and data at micro, meso, and macro levels of analysis
  • Cultural Responsiveness: Understand how race/class/gender (and other social locations) are impacted by systems of power and privilege
  • Civic Engagement: Participate in activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community

Yes, students have opportunities to:

  • Conduct research projects with faculty
  • Present their research at academic conferences
  • Publish their research in an academic journal
  • Participate in an internship


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Market Research Analyst $63,920
Survey Researchers $59,740
Human Resources Manager $76,196
Career Counselor $45,650
Consumer Insight Manager $93,226
Academic Advisor $42,963
Probation Officer $48,472

Sources: U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics,

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