Intrigued by the videos, but not sure if Sociology is right for you? 

Enroll in SY 221, Introduction to Sociology, to find out. SY 221 satisfies a general education requirement in Area IV ~ History, Social and Behavior Sciences. 

Sociology is everywhere.

You will find sociologists studying people in their 'natural habitats' (schools, medical facilities, sporting events, parties, weddings, disasters, and many more).

What can you do with a Sociology degree and where can you work?

Anything and anywhere.

Can a Sociology degree from JSU prepare you for the 21st century job market?

Yes, a Sociology degree provides strong preparation for entry level positions throughout education, counseling, legal, business, health professions, social services, criminal justice, and government entities. 

Sociology Program Mission: The mission of the Sociology Program is to provide a quality, student-centered educational experience for students. The Sociology Program equips students with a marketable set of skills: critical thinking, civil discourse, analysis, cultural competency, and civic engagement, which will lead to excellence in their professional, civic, and personal lives. Through a Sociological education, students will become informed, ethical citizens and contribute to positive social change in their community, society, and culture. 

Vision Statement:  Our vision, through education, research, and service, is to create informed, ethical citizens who are equipped to address complex real-world issues. We seek to be a force of positive social change with the goals of reducing social inequality and improving the lives of everyone.