Careers and Graduate Study

How do I know what I want to do?

How do I choose a graduate program in Psychology that is right for me?

  • Take PSY 305 (Professional Psychology) to help you decide which programs to apply to and how to successfully complete your graduate school applications.
  • Browse the APA Graduate Study in Psychology.  It lists all schools with accredited Psychology graduate programs and describes their entrance requirements.
  • Do an online search for your area of interest or look at programs offered by the universities you are interested in attending.
  • Look at programs that are linked to Psychology, but may not be housed in Psychology Departments (e.g., Counseling, Clinical Social Work, Mental Health Counseling, Educational Psychology).

What graduate programs does JSU offer?

  • In the Psychology Department, we offer a master's degree in Applied Psychology with an emphasis in behavior analysis (built on the foundations of behavior analysis covered in PSY 220, 221, 354, and 364).
  • In the College of Education and Professional Studies, there is also a degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling to which many psychology majors apply.
  • Note that there is a School Counseling program, but Psychology majors are not eligible for this graduate program (requires a K-12 teaching certificate).
  • There are also master's degrees in Public Administration and other related areas such as Criminal Justice.  See Graduate Studies for a complete list of graduate degrees.

Where can I get a job near Jacksonville with a bachelor's degree in Psychology?