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Jacksonville State University has a long history of serving Post-Traditional students within the surrounding communities.  It is our goal to provide better access to academic success at JSU by providing resources and referrals to needed services and programs, both on and off campus, for all enrolled Adult Learners, Commuters, Students with Children, and Transfer Students.



In order to ease your transition to JSU, we have resources for your convenience:


Arlene Brothers


Phone Number: 256-782-8873

Success coaching is a service that assists students with time management, motivation, using academic resources, and accountability to ensure students are successful. Your success coach also addresses faculty-issued alerts in Navigate and refers students to other campus resources.

Schedule an in-person or virtual meeting with your success coach.

Upcoming Workshops

Title: Empowering Your Mindset for Success

Date: April 4 from 3:30-4:30

How to attend: In-person and virtual options

In-person: Houston Cole Library, 2nd floor, Room 2B

Virtually via Teams

Description: This event is all about empowering YOU for success in college and in life. We will work on assessing your perceptions about your abilities and offer techniques for better embracing the world around you.

Register for "Empowering Your Mindset for Success"

For questions, email Arlene Brothers @

Parents in College Group


If you need assistance filling out your FAFSA, or understanding how financial aid or scholarships work, book a time to chat with a Financial Aid Representative.

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