Military Awareness Training

Military students face different challenges compared to traditional students when pursuing higher education.  JSU offers trainings every semester that shed light on these issues, provide insight about the military culture, and inform you about different ways to support military students in college.

Virtual Scenario-Based Trainings

Faculty and Staff Training

For service members, their life in the military was a life-changing experience. The military promises to provide a pathway to education for those who have served and fought for this country. Higher education institutions welcome military-connected students to their campuses, but struggle with integrating them into the campus culture and helping them feel like they belong.

Let’s be honest, when we think of college, we think of traditional aged students who go from high school right into college. We must get accustomed to having students who are coming out of the military onto our college campuses. Completing this Kognito training will give you a better understanding of the daily struggles a military-connected student will encounter as a student in your class or office.

JSU utilizes a virtual, scenario-based training for all Faculty and Staff to complete at their convenience.  This training is great for building understanding of military students, developing support skills in real-life situations, and learning how to become an effective ally for your military student population.

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Student-to-Student Training

Having someone who has served in the military as a classmate can seem awkward. They are usually older and have had life experiences that have matured them even for their age. Kognito's student-to-student training will give you an insider perspective of how to engage or understand your service member classmate. You will learn ways to support the student service member who sits next to you and learn why some topics can create discomforts for individuals who have served. This training is valuable because it can help student service members connect with their college classmates.

JSU utilizes a virtual, scenario-based training for all students to complete at their convenience.  This training is great for students who want to learn how to be more effective in supporting their fellow student service members while they are in college.

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Our department also provides in-person trainings to meet the needs of your department or office.  If you are interested in an in-person training, feel free to reach out to us at 256-782-8838 or