Overview of Services

We in Capital Planning and Facilities are here to provide facilities services to the Jacksonville State University community and its 53 buildings occupying 318 acres. We have dedicated ourselves to maintaining a manicured campus, comfortable facilities for all, and a high level of cleanliness in all buildings and the grounds. This is accomplished through the maintenance, repair and general upkeep of all the campus buildings, grounds, and by responding to work requests that have been called in to the department. The department's work is essentially divided into three categories:
  1. Work Request
  2. Minor Construction Request
  3. Routine Operations and Maintenance

We respond to the first two categories, Work Request and Minor Construction, in response to you as described in the following paragraphs. The third category is mostly internally generated work, such as preventive maintenance and the daily operation of our utility systems.

Work Order Requests

These come from students, staff, or faculty asking for minor maintenance or repairs. Work order requests may include plumbing problems, light replacement, locks, controllable heating and cooling equipment, etc. Work begins on your request as soon as possible after it is received. These minor issues are usually handled within two or three days after receiving them, and almost never exceed five days. Once work has commenced on a work order request, it is usually completed within two hours using existing shop materials.

Emergencies receive immediate attention. We define an emergency as a situation in which human life is at high risk or serious injury is likely, or when significant damage or destruction of property and/or building is probable. Emergency work requests can be telephoned into the work receptionist at extension 5450. Please use the Work Order Request form - Form #18. You can type the pertinent information on the form, then print and fax it to extension 5426.

Minor Construction Projects

These are narrative requests for renovation or improvements that involve more time-consuming repairs, construction or minor alterations, and should be submitted on Form #29 by the Budget Manager of the requesting department. This request may include work that will require significant labor, procurement of materials, or the services of a contractor. Capital Planning and Facilities will visit the site and develop an estimate on Section "B" of Form #29, then return it to the requesting department. The Minor Construction Request must have the authorization to use an account number of the requester's department budget. These controls ensure that the work will be reviewed at the proper level before starting, and that sufficient funds are available to complete the work. The type of work determines whether the requesting department will be charged. Please see the following section on fees for further clarification.

Minor Construction Requests may involve estimating, planning, ordering of materials, scheduling, and monitoring the progress and quality of the work. Because we do not have the resources to respond to all requests as they are received, they are prioritized by Capital Planning and Facilities and scheduled accordingly. Your budget manager should be able to assist you with the details of preparing a Minor Construction Request.