Kimberly Helms, DHEd, MSN, RN, CNE, COI, CFD

Professor of Nursing

Dr. Kimberly Helms is a Professor in the Graduate Program at Jacksonville State University. She a nationally Certified Online Instructor and a nationally Certified Faculty Developer. She has served in leadership roles and taught in both the undergraduate and graduate programs at Jacksonville State University (JSU). Dr. Helms collaborated with the administrative team to develop and implement The Center for Best Practices for Teaching and Learning in the College of Health Professions and Wellness.  

Dr. Helms has a Doctorate in Health Education from A. T. Still University and a Master’s in Population Health from Jacksonville State University. She received a Post Master’s Certificate in Nursing Education from The University of South Alabama.

Dr. Helms collaborated with a regional hospital to develop a New Graduate Orientation and Leadership Series (GOALS) program, revised and implemented a Preceptor Orientation program and served as the continuing education liaison for life-long learning at the agency.

Dr. Helms research interest include utilizing real life scenarios/human simulation to assess perceived self confidence in clinical decision making, best practices/job satisfaction in online learning, and shared governance (student and faculty) in ongoing quality improvement in online programsKimberly Helms

Courses Taught

  • NU 518 Organizational and Systems Leadership in Population Health Nursing
  • NU 550 Dev Instruction Programs in Collegiate Nur Ed
  • NU 527 Epidemiology
  • NU 551 Teach, Learn, Eval in Collegiate Nur Programs 
  • NU 552 Practicum in Collegiate Nursing Education 
  • NU 554 Intro to Instructional Design and Online Teaching
  • NU 540 Population Health I 
  • NU 545 Population Health II
  • NU 713 Organizational and Systems Leadership for APN
  • NU 715 Innovative Leadership and Collaboration in Healthcare

Academic/Research Interests

• Human Simulation
• Best Practices in Online Learning
• Job Satisfaction in Online Learning
• Faculty and Student Satisfaction
• Transition to Practice

Published Articles:
  • Helms, K. D., Walker, L. P., & Barrow, L. E. (2020). Taking the PULSE on Student Satisfaction in an Online Graduate Nursing Program. International Journal of Nursing and Health Care Research, 3 (7), 1-6. 
  • Helms, K. D., Walker, L. P. (2020). The New GOALS (Graduate Orientation and Leadership Series). International Journal of Nursing and Health Care Research, 3 (3), 6 pages.
  • Helms, K. D., Keith, L. A., Walker, L. P. (2019). Collaborative Testing in a Psychiatric Mental Health Nursing Course. Journal of Doctoral Nursing Practice, 12 (1 April 2019).
  • Helms, K. D., Walker, L. P. (2018). Cultivating Perceived Self Efficacy Through a Flipped Classroom Approach to Teaching and Learning. International Journal of Nursing and Health Care Research, 2018 (2), 6 pages.
  • Walker, L. P., Helms, K. D. (2018). A Pilot Study: Promoting Understanding and Peer Success (PUPS) in the Campus Community. Building Healthy Academic Communities Journal, 2(1/2018), 25-35.
  • Helms, K. D., Walker, L. P. (2015). Incorporating the QSEN Competency on Evidence-based Practice in a Mental Health Clinical Rotation. Journal of Nursing Education, 54(4), 232-234.


  • A. T. Still University, Doctorate in Health Education, 2010
  • University of South Alabama, Post-Master's Nurse Educator Psych/Mental Health, 2004
  • Jacksonville State University, Master's in Population Health Nursing, 2002
  • University of Alabama in Huntsville, Bachelor's of Science Nursing (BSN), 2001
  • Gadsden State Community College, Associate Degree Nursing, 1985