Deans’ Scholars Program for Early Acceptance

Students that have been determined academically talented and have expressed an interest in a career in nursing may be eligible for the Deans’ Scholars Program for Early Acceptance. Students chosen for early acceptance would also have the added benefit of invitation to College of Health Professions and Wellness activities and participating as a part of the SHPW community of students. It is the goal of the SHPW to provide enrichment opportunities for these students prior to beginning upper division nursing as well as during upper division coursework with opportunities to participate in research/scholarship with faculty and SHPW service activities. In addition, Deans’ Scholars will be recognized at the Senior Recognition Ceremony for program completion. Students meeting all criteria for early acceptance via the Deans’ Nursing Scholars Program will be guaranteed *admission to upper division nursing.

Criteria for Early Acceptance:

  • Completion of JSU admission application AND SHPW application as an entering freshman
  • Acceptance and enrollment to JSU directly from high school
  • Declare ‘Nursing Undecided’ as their major
  • High School GPA of 3.5 or greater
  • Composite ACT score of 24 or greater
  • Essay related to the student’s choice of nursing as a career path and motivation for working in healthcare and student’s perception of nursing as a profession
  • Letter of recommendation from someone with healthcare experience that could speak to the student’s abilities and potential for success in a healthcare environment

Criteria for Progression to Upper Division:

  • Successful completion of required undergraduate core coursework at JSU
  • Maintenance of a 3.4 or higher overall GPA

*The term "admitted" refers to assessment of select criteria for upper division coursework as defined in the JSU Undergraduate catalog.