MPA Students in boardroom setting

Administrative Management 

The Administrative Management Concentration provides a broad overview of basic organizational challenges that managers will face.  Students learn a variety of management concepts, leadership strategies, organizational functions and communications-related activities.

Police tape around crime scene

Criminal Justice

The Criminal Justice concentration provides students with a thorough overview of issues and opportunities in the associated fields of policing, the courts, and corrections. The skills and knowledge learned through the CJ concentration are transferrable to any other area of employment and will only serve to deepen the student's understanding of the modern world and their valued place within it.

Emergency Management professional assisting woman

Emergency Management

The Emergency Management concentration balances conceptual knowledge in emergency management with skill acquisition in crisis management, hazard assessment and other analytic and management skills. All Emergency Management concentration courses are offered online (asynchronous).

Brewer Hall on JSU's Campus

Political Science

The JSU Political Science concentration offers a range of courses for those with careers in law, government, politics, international affairs, business, communications, and many other fields. Your ability to think critically and independently will be enhanced and will improve your skills at understanding and appreciating differing points of view and broaden your knowledge of current affairs.