Reserve a GEM

  • GEM with doors
  • GEM without doors
  • interior close up of doorless GEM
  • alternate angle GEM with doors
  • alternate angle GEM without doors

Rates and Vehicle Information

GEM Type Rate per day
4 - passenger $25.00
6 - passenger $35.00

All GEM's can be configured to be doorless upon request. Please add in reservation notes if you wish to have a doorless cart.

GEM vehicles may be used only for official state business. Authorized drivers must comply with the State of Alabama and the JSU Division of Finance and Administration policies and procedures regarding the use of GEM vehicles. Drivers are required to observe all ordinances and laws pertaining to the operation of motor vehicles.

Before you drive a GEM vehicle, please familiarize yourself with the regulations. Additionally, please read the guidelines regarding reserving a GEM vehicle before completing the Vehicle Request Form.

  • Can be a state employee
  • Can be a contract employee, if authorization to drive a state vehicle is stipulated in the contract
  • Can be a JSU student as long as the student is employed by JSU
  • Must have a valid U.S. driver's license
  • Must be at least 18 years old.
  • Must complete the Motor Pool New Driver Form. This form should be submitted annually. 
  • Must complete the Driver Safety Training, which is administered through the JSU Department of Human Resources  This training should be completed annually.

Reserve a GEM

Form Must Be Completed By Driver Only