Marketing Services

Our office works with people across campus to produce marketing and informational materials that communicate your message clearly, while enhancing the university's image and position in the marketplace. Our goal is to increase enrollment and brand the university. All projects that come through our office must meet this criteria.

Our services include concept development, planning, design, illustration, coordinating bidding, and production supervision.

The look and content of university communication pieces are increasingly important as JSU aspires to rank among the top universities in the nation. We help you develop your project accordingly, while providing advice, support, and project management.

Delivering your message together, we strategize to define your goals and identify the most effective way to reach them. Whether your need is small (invitations and posters) or large (recruitment brochures and magazines/booklets), we strive to ensure that the design and content of the project, as well as its costs and completion date, are consistent with your long-term and short-term goals. In order to accomplish this a minimum of two weeks from the time we receive all content and material is required for the design and lay out process. For larger jobs (recruitment brochures and magazines/booklets) a minimum of four weeks from the time we receive all content and material is required for the design and layout process.


Work closely with vendors to implement university-wide marketing strategies.


Marketing Services manages the use of the name, nicknames, abbreviations, logos, seals, mascots, slogans, and other marks. Any marks used in reference to the university, or anything similar to those of the university, are subject to licensing requirements. Any products bearing the marks must be approved and must display the Collegiate Licensed Product label.

The JSU licensing program is designed to:

• Ensure that the Jacksonville State name and trademarks are used appropriately, consistently, in good taste and with high-quality reproduction, and to avoid misrepresentation of Jacksonville State University to the public.

• Allow JSU to share in the benefits derived from the commercial use of its identifying marks.

• Establish a cooperative relationship with licensees to assist in the further development of a market of officially licensed products of Jacksonville State.

• Promote a relationship by which both Jacksonville State and its licensees will benefit.

• The Marketing Manager is responsible for the JSU licensing program.

• Jacksonville State has partnered with Learfield to assist in the management of the licensing program. Learfield is responsible for the daily administrative activities generated by a licensing program, such as processing license applications, coordinating artwork approvals, collection of royalty payments and enforcement of trademark infractions.

Mary Smith
Director, Marketing and Licensing

Phone: 256-782-5830

Emily Lankford
Lead Graphic Designer

Phone: 256-782-5828

Jose Rivas
Graphic Designer
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