Information Literacy/Lifelong Learning at JSU

What is Information Literacy/Lifelong Learning?

Information Literacy is a set of lifelong learning skills that expands far beyond the walls of the academic library. Some think of Information Literacy as how we interact with information or learning to learn. At a minimum, information literate individuals are fluent in 21st century information and technology skills, demonstrated by their ability to:

  • articulate a research question and information need;
  • determine the scope, type, and depth of information needed;
  • evaluate information for its credibility and appropriateness to the current task and information need;
  • synthesize and place new information into context of their own knowledge base;
  • use various information and educational technologies to effectively retrieve and communicate information appropriately;
  • demonstrate that they can use information ethically and legally.

Library Instruction is one major way to promote information literacy in your course. Go back to our Library Instruction Information page for more details.

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