University Phone Listing

The Area code for Jacksonville State University is "256" and our dialing prefix is "782"

President's Office Angle Hall 5881
Provost & Senior Vice President for Academic Affairs Angle Hall 5540
Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs Angle Hall 5284
Associate Vice President for Distance Education Self Hall 8172
Associate Vice President for Enrollment Mgmt. & Student Affairs Angle Hall 5020
Vice President for Administrative & Business Affairs Angle Hall 5820
Vice President for Information Technology Computer Center 8201
Vice President for University Advancement Angle Hall 5003
Accounting Merrill Hall 5776
Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) Montgomery Building 8223
Admissions Montgomery Building 5268
Advancement Services Rock House 5306
Alabama Science in Motion Project Martin Hall 5304
Alumni Relations SBI Complex 5404
AMSTI McClellan Building 3181 8610
Anthropology Martin Hall 5232
Apartments (rental manager) Pannell Hall 8336
APCO "Virtual College" McClellan Building 3181 5925
Applied Sports Study Mathews Coliseum 5114
Archeology (ARCH) Martin Hall 5232
Art Department Hammond Hall 5626
Arts & Humanities Martin Hall 5690
Athletic Department Mathews Coliseum 5368
Academic Enhancement Montgomery Building 5737
Athletic Director Mathews Coliseum 5368
Associate A.D. External Affairs -Marketing
Mathews Coliseum 5536
Associate A.D Internal Affairs Mathews Coliseum 5988
Associate A.D. Sports Medicine Mathews Coliseum 5369
Athletic Tickets Kennamer Hall 8499
Baseball Baseball Stadium 5367
Basketball (Men's) Mathews Coliseum 5598
Basketball (Women's) Mathews Coliseum 5417
Coliseum Sports Mathews Coliseum 5535
Compliance Mathews Coliseum 5970
Cross-Country Mathews Coliseum 8068
Equipment Room Field House 5373/5066
Facility Coordinator Kennamer Hall 5067
Football Field House 5365
Gamecock Club/Special Projects Mathews Coliseum 5368
Golf Mathews Coliseum 5834
  Marketing/Broadcasting Mathews Coliseum 5890
Rifle Rowe Hall 5185
Senior Associate Athletic Director Mathews Coliseum 5988
Soccer Mathews Coliseum 5679
Softball Mathews Coliseum 5524
Sports Information Director Mathews Coliseum 5915
Strength & Conditioning Kennamer Hall 5067
Tennis Meehan Hall 5887
Volleyball Mathews Coliseum 5521
Band Director Mason Hall 5562
Biology Martin Hall 5642
Bookstore Montgomery Building 5008
Building Services Services Building 5488
Bursar's Office Angle Hall 5459/5463
Capital Campaign Angle Hall 5605
Captioned Media Library  Daugette Hall 8173
Career Services Kennamer Hall 5482
Center for Business and Free Enterprise-Education and Entrepreneurship SBI Complex 5324
Center for Economic Development SBI Complex 5324
Center for Manufacturing Support Ayers Hall 8511
Chanticleer (Editor) Self Hall 5701
Chanticleer: Advertising Self Hall 5712
Chemistry Martin Hall 5232
Chemistry and Geosciences Martin Hall 5232
Cleaning Services Services Building 5488
Clinical Experiences (Teacher Education) Ramona Wood Hall 5824
College of Arts and Humanities Stone Center 5690 (Dean)
College of Business and Industry Merrill Building 5274
College of Education and Professional Studies Ramona Wood Building 5589
Associate Dean's Office Ramona Wood Building 8200
Elementary Education Ramona Wood Building 5091
College of Health Professions and Wellness Wallace Hall 5425
College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Brewer Hall 5333
College of Science and Mathematics Martin Hall 5225
Communication Department Merrill Hall 5300
Community Engagement and Outreach (Continuing Education) McClellan Building 3181 5918
Commuter College Stone Center 5711
Computer Labs-Library (10th Floor) Cole Library
Martin Hall  (3rd Floor) Martin Hall 5216
Merrill Hall (1st & 2nd Floor)
Merrill Hall 5332
Self Hall
Self Hall 5382
Computer Science Ayers Hall Phone :5217/ 5269
Computer Services Computer Center 5201
Conference Services Meehan Hall 5860
Controller Angle Hall 5002
Accounts Payable Angle Hall 5460/5267
Bursar Angle Hall 5459.5463
Bursar: Collections
Angle Hall 5262/8153
Bursar: Student Accounts
Angle Hall 5459
Payroll: Monthly Angle Hall 5565
Payroll: Student/Bi-Weekly Angle Hall 8422
Cooperative Education SBI Complex 5092
Counseling Services Daugette Hall 5475
Criminal Justice Brewer Hall 5335
Curriculum & Instruction ECE, EED, SPE Ramona Wood Building 5091
Dean of Students Office Montgomery Building 5491
Department of Applied Engineering Merrill Hall 5294
Department of Kinesiology Daugette Hall 5515
Digital Media Services Self Hall 5468

Disability Resources

Houston Cole Library 8380
Division of Information Technology Computer Center 5201
Drama Department Stone Center 5623
        Costume Dept. Stone Center 5602
        Drama Ticket Office Stone Center 5648
Economic Development Center Merrill Hall 5324
Economics Merrill Hall 5776
Emergency Management McClellan Building 3181 5925
Emergency Preparedness, Institute for McClellan Building 3181 5925
Engineering Merrill Hall 5294
English Stone Center 5411/ 5691
English Language Institute Salls Hall 8350
Enterprise Information Systems Self Hall 5381
Environmental Policy & Information Center
McClellan Building 3181 8010
Faculty Commons Self Hall 5816
Faculty Senate Cole Library 8202
Family & Consumer Sciences Mason Hall 5054
Finance, Economics, & Accounting Merrill Hall 5776
Food Court  Montgomery Building 5554
Foreign Languages Stone Center 5632
Foundation Office Rock House 5306
Fraternity & Sorority Life Montgomery Building 5491
Gamecock Club/Special Projects Kennamer Hall 5368
Gamecock Orientation Cole Library 5042
Geography & Geology Martin Hall 5232
Government Relations Angle Hall 5278
Graduate Studies Angle Hall 5348
Grammar Hotline Stone Center 5409
Health, P.E., & Recreation (HPER) Kennamer Hall 5515
Help Desk  - Technology Support Center 9th Floor Library 8324
History & Foreign Languages Stone Center 5632
Honors Program Martin Hall 5640
Housekeeping Services Services Building 5488
Housing Angle Hall 5122
       Apartments 8336
       Crow Hall 7705
       Curtiss Hall 7697
       Daugette Hall 7601
       Delta Chi House 7453
       Dixon Hall 7702
       Fitzpatrick Hall 7677
       International House 5303
       Kappa Alpha Order House 6730
       Leadership House for Women 7530
       Logan Hall 6594
       Meehan Hall 7300
       Patterson Hall 6764
       Pi Kappa Phi 6333
       Sparkman Hall 6113
Housing Operations Angle Hall 5122
Human Resources Angle Hall 5007
ID Office Montgomery Building 5552
Information Technology Computer Center 8201
Integrated Studies Stone Center 8303
IT Help Desk 9th floor Library 8324
In-Service Education Center McClellan Building 3181 5985
Institute for Emergency Preparedness McClellan Building 3181 5925
Institutional Support Services Montgomery Building 5557
Instructional Services Unit (Tutoring Services) Ramona Wood Building 5346
Interlibrary Loan Cole Library 5243
Internal Auditor & External Funds Compliance
Angle Hall 5885
International House Director Daugette Hall 5303
International House Social Director Daugette Hall 5313
International Programs Daugette Hall 5674
Inventory Warehouse Warehouse 5448
JSU-Gadsden Gadsden (256) 549-8390
JSU-McClellan McClellan Building 3181 8363
Judicial Coordinator
Montogomery Building 8080
Kennamer Hall 5515
Learning Resource Center Ramona Wood Building 5346
Learning Services Cole Library 5570
Learning Skills Cole Library 5570
Library Cole Library 5255
Circulation Desk (1st Floor)
Cole Library 5758
Reference Desk (2nd Floor)
Cole Library 8034
Little River Canyon Field School Martin Hall 5697
Little River Canyon Gift Shop (256) 845-7213
Mail Center Montgomery Building 5290
Maintenance Department Duncan Maintenance Shop 5450
Major Gifts Officers Angle Hall 8351/8240
Management and Marketing
Merrill Hall 5787
Marketing and Communications Self Hall 8220
Marketing Services Self Hall 5828
Mathematical, Computing & Information Sciences Ayers Hall 5217/ 5269
Meehan Hall Meehan Hall 7300

Military and Post Traditional Services

Daugette Hall 8838
Military Science Rowe Hall 5601
Multimedia Instructional Laboratory Ramona Wood Building 5633
Music Department Mason Hall 5559
Network Architecture and Infrastructure Support Angle Hall 8001/5990
Northeast Ala Law Enforcement Academy McClellan Building 3181 5318
Kennamer Hall 5425
Observatory Martin Hall 5232
Office of Campus Visits (Campus Tours) Angle Hall 5260
Office of Procurement Angle Hall 5152
Office of Research, Planning, and Collaboration Angle Hall 8144
Office of Teaching, Learning, and Technology Self Hall 8172
Online Learning Support Self Hall 8172
Photographic Services Self Hall 5341
Physical Education Mathews Coliseum 5515
Physical Plant Duncan Maintenance Shop 5450
Police Department - non-emergency calls Salls Hall 8888
Political Science & Public Administration Brewer Hall 5650
President (Office) Angle Hall 5881
President's Home University Circle  5995
Pre-Law Brewer Hall 5650
Pre-Med Martin Hall 5642
Print Shop Montgomery Building 5323
Psychology Ayers Hall 5402
Public Relations Angle Hall 5636
Purchasing Angle Hall 5152
R.O.T.C. Rowe Hall 5601
Recreational Sports Stephenson Gym 5072
Mathews Coliseum 5073
Registrar Angle Hall 5400
Respiratory Therapy JSU South Complex 8495
Safety Officer Ayers Hall 5080
Scholarships Angle Hall 5675
Secondary Education Ramona Wood Building 5848
Senior Programs Martin Hall 5696
Small Business Development Merrill Hall 5271
Social Media Self Hall 5468
Sociology & Social Work Brewer Hall 5591
Sodexo Food Service Hopper Dining Hall 7242
Special Event Technology Longleaf 5251
Sports Information Mathews Coliseum 5915
Statistics SBI Complex 5776
Student Affairs Angle Hall 5020
Student Athletic Academic Support Montgomery Building 8306
Student Financial Services Angle Hall 5006
Student Government Montgomery Building 5491
Student Health Center JSU Nursing Complex 5310
Student Success Cole Library 5020
Swimming Pool Mathews Coliseum 5077
Switchboard Attendant Angle Hall 0 (On Campus)
(256) 782-JSU1 (5781)

Systems and Security

Daugette Hall 5381/5382
Teacher Service Center Ramona Wood Hall 5574
Advisement & Certification 5574
Registration Center 5574
Teaching/Learning Center Ramona Wood Hall 5617
Technology Support Center 9th floor Library 8324
Testing, ACT, MAT, CLEP, CBase Daugette Hall 5475
Title IX Office Angle Hall 5769
Tutoring - K-12 Ramona Wood Hall 5617
Tutoring - College Montgomery Building 8223
University Council Angle Hall 5104
University Development Development House 5605/5608
Warehouse Duncan Maintenance Shop 5448
Web Services Self Hall 5393
Wellness Testing Center Mathews Coliseum 5114
WLJS-FM Radio Station Office Self Hall 5572
WLJS-FM Studio Self Hall 5592