Substantive Change

Jacksonville State University is responsible for notifying or obtaining approval in advance of any substantive changes in institutional, programmatic and site/location in accordance with the SACSCOC Substantive Change policy and procedures. Information regarding SACSCOC Substantive can be found on their website.

Substantive change is defined as a significant modification or expansion of the nature and scope of an accredited institution. The reporting and review of substantive changes ensure that the scope of programs offered by the institution, as well as the structure and organization of the institution, have undergone appropriate review by SACSCOC.

Substantive changes are categorized into three areas: Institutional Changes, Program Changes and Off Campus Instructional Site/Additional Locations Changes.

Specific information regarding each substantive change can be found in the SACSCOC Substantive Change Policy to include timelines, approval or notification requirements, committee visit requirements and fees.

An outline of each area is listed below. 


Institutional Changes

  • Acquisition
  • Change in Measure of Student Progress to Completion
  • Competency-based Education by Course/Credit-based Approach
  • Distance Education
  • Governance Change
  • Institution Closure
  • Institution Relocation
  • Institutional Contingency Teach-out Plan
  • Level Change
  • Merger / Consolidation
  • Mission Change
  • Ownership, Means of Control, or Legal Status Change 


Program Changes

  • Clock-Credit Hour Conversion
  • Competency-based Education by Direct Assessment
  • Cooperative Academic Arrangement with Title IV Entities
  • Cooperative Academic Arrangement with Non-Title IV Entities
  • Correspondence Education
  • Dual Academic Award
  • Method of Delivery
  • New Program
  • Program Closure (Including Method of Delivery)
  • Program Designed for Prior Learning
  • Program Length Change
  • Program Re-open 


Off-campus Instructional Site/Additional Location Changes

  • Off-campus Instructional Site (Including Dual Enrollment)
  • New Site
  • Relocation
  • Name or Address Change
  • Closure
  • Re-open 


Please contact Kim Presson, Executive Director of Institutional Accreditation and Institution Accreditation Liaison with questions regarding substantive changes.  Email:  Phone:  256-782-8152.

Information regarding JSU’s Substantive Change Policy can be found in the Policy and Procedures Manual.