Governing Board of the JSU Inservice Center

Alabama's 11 Regional Inservice Centers were created by the legislature to enhance the training of school personnel in critical needs areas. The concept and mandate were adopted in May, 1984 (Act 84-622), establishing centers to provide "rigorous inservice training in critical needs areas for the state's public school personnel, teachers, superintendents, principals, and local board of education members."


According to the Code of Alabama, the JSU Regional Inservice Education Center, like all of the state's RICs, operates under the oversight and authority of an independent governing board and the Alabama State Department of Education.  The Governing Board is legally charged with the following responsibilities:

1)  In cooperation with the Alabama State Department of Education, determine policies for the operation of the center, including the days and hours of operation.

2)  Approve programs and activities that address needs as identified by needs assessments and/or student achievement data and the plan to access the center's programs and services by its constituent schools and systems.

3)  Approve the center's annual budget.

4) Approve program consultants as requested by local education agencies.

5) Delegate to the center director the authority and responsibility for the daily operation of the center, including the development and maintenance of necessary records (financial and programmatic) and the coordination of programs and activities.

6) Approve the annual report of the center's programs and activities.

The Accountability Standards for Alabama's Regional Inservice Centers also state that the current RIC Governing Board chair (or his/her designee) serves in the interview process and has a vote in the final selection of a center's director.

The current JSU Regional Inservice Center Governing Board members are:

Chris Howard Anniston City Schools
Lisa Robinson Attalla City Schools
Summer Davis Calhoun County Schools
Rachel Farley Cherokee County Schools
Shelby Ducks Clay County Schools
Amber Brown Cleburne County Schools
Jason Russell Etowah County Schools
Alicia Harrell Gadsden City Schools
Lauri Elam Jacksonville City Schools
Dr. Stacie Wolbert Jacksonville State University
Dr. Michael Alvidrez Jacksonville State University
Marilyn Burke Oxford City Schools
Laurie Mize Henderson Pell City Board of Education
Dr. Leah Stover Pell City Schools
Chris Hanson Piedmont City Schools
Misty Rochester Randolph County Schools
Autumn Arnett Roanoke City Schools
Leigh Twigg (Chair) Alabama State Department of Education
Karent Rains St. Clair County Schools