Personnel Action Change and Position Justification Requests and Process

Personnel Action Change and Position Justification Requests forms are required for documenting any change requests and justification to be reviewed by the President and Cabinet. All requests are routed electronically through the appropriate chain of command to the Department of Human Resources. The HR Representative will add the request to the agenda for Cabinet review. The approvals/denials are then communicated to the Division Vice President/Provost and to the request originator/form initiator.

The electronic requests are submitted via the appropriate form:

Personnel Action Request Form (ePARF):

  • Promotion
  • Title Changes (no reclassification or change of duties)
  • Department Transfer (employee and position)
  • Pay Adjustments
  • Interim Appointment and/or stipend
  • Department Requests 
    • Department Name Change
    • Request for New Department

Position Justification Request Form (ePJRF):

  • Reclassification of existing position
  • Request for a new position / FTE
  • Request for recruitment

All Personnel and Position Change Request Meetings are monthly, with dates to be determined.

The request(s) must be received in HR for inclusion on the agenda at least two business days prior to the scheduled meeting.

The electronic Personnel Action Request Form and Position Justification Request Form are located on

MyJSU – Employee tab – HR – Personnel Actions.

The form originator can track the form routing via: MyJSU – Employee tab – View Submitted/Pending Electronic Forms – Pending Forms.