Study Abroad and Study Away Opportunities

Students who are members of the Honors Program may earn Honors credit for domestic or international study experiences by enrolling in our study courses, UH 398 Honors Study Away and UH 399 Honors Study Abroad. Credit varies from 1-3 hours.

Study Abroad Opportunities

2022 Ireland

Photos - Ireland Study Abroad

2018 Costa Rica

Photos - Costa Rica Study Abroad

2017 Dublin, Ireland

Photos - Dublin Study Abroad

History, politics, and the inner workings of navigating and connecting with others in the nation's capitol - just a few of the lessons learned by our Honors Students during their Washington D.C. study away. Five students share their experiences.

Study Away Opportunities

December 2023 - Washington, D.C.

See our nation's capital during a magical time of year! Visit historic sites, stand where our country's leaders have stood, and experience a Study Away you are certain to never forget.

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Want to know more? View eligibility requirements, course enrollment process, and travel cost details. Students interested in the Political Science version of this study away experience should visit here for details and information.

Honors Study Away Application

Six JSU students pose in front of a model of the US Capitol at the US Botanical Gardens
JSU students at the US Botanical Gardens on a previous Study Away opportunity.

"The opportunity we had to take a special tour of the Capitol Building is one that not everyone gets to experience. I learned so much from this special tour."
- Alex Templin

"I actually got to be in the room where it happens..."
- Gregory Heathcock

"The National Holocaust Museum was my favorite part of the whole trip. Every American should visit this museum. It is impactful, respectful, and hopeful all at the same time."
- Jessika Holmes

Photos from the 2018 Washington D.C. Study Away Photos from the 2017 Washington D.C. Study Away