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Evaluation Process


Graduate Assistantship supervisors are required to complete a Graduate Assistantship evaluation form for each student employee each semester. Upon completion of the evaluation, the supervisor will discuss the results of the evaluation with the Graduate Assistant. All evaluations must be submitted no more than two weeks after the end of a semester. If a student’s performance is determined to be unsatisfactory by the employing academic unit, this may be grounds for termination.

Graduate Assistantship Evaluation


A graduate assistantship contract may be terminated by the unit in which it is housed and/or by the Dean of Graduate Studies prior to the end of the appointment period for any of the following reasons:

  • The student is no longer enrolled in Graduate Studies. 
  • The student does not meet the eligibility requirements outlined by the Graduate Assistantship Program. 
  • The student does not adhere to deadlines and/or procedures outlined in the Graduate Assistantship Program or otherwise communicated to the student. 
  • The student does not fulfill all assigned duties.
  • The student’s performance is determined to be unsatisfactory by the employing academic unit. 
  • The student is repeatedly absent or tardy. 
  • The student violates any university policies, rules, or Codes of Conduct.

Graduate Studies must be notified in writing upon termination of any Graduate Assistant. All communications concerning a graduate assistantship matter should be emailed to graddean@jsu.edu.

Rights and Responsibilities

The Graduate Assistant will be notified in writing of all decisions that affect his or her status as an assistant by the assigned unit. This includes advance notifications of evaluation procedures and a summary of the evaluation by the assigned unit.

It is important to resolve, as early as possible, any disagreement which may arise between assistants and supervisors. Should a problem arise in the work assignment, the Graduate Assistant has the right to initiate a grievance or to appeal a decision through the specified channels.

The student shall first inform the unit supervisor of the problem and attempt to resolve the grievance in an informal manner. If the matter cannot be resolved in an informal manner, the following formal grievance procedure is to be followed:

  • If the grievance is not resolved in discussion with the immediate supervisor, a formal, written complaint is filed with the unit director/department head within five (5) working days after the conference described above. The unit director/department head must give a written decision on the grievance, within five (5) working days after receipt of the complaint.
  • If the grievance is not resolved by this decision, a written appeal may be filed with the Dean of Graduate Studies no later than ten (10) working days of receipt of the unit director/department head’s decision on the grievance. The final decision lies with the Dean of Graduate Studies.