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Thanks for your interest in Jacksonville State University's Little River Canyon Center.  Adjacent to the beautiful Little River Canyon National Preserve our facility has combined "the character of a Yellowstone lodge together with NASA science and the best sustainable technologies." With a variety of spaces available, it has also been described as "one of the most attractive, convenient, and talked-about buildings in Alabama." 

We encourage you to use our facility and have developed the following guidelines for your information.

The Canyon Center is a public space that serves as a visitor and teaching facility for JSU in partnership with the National Park Service and others. Please know that the occasional sounds of our routine activity are a natural part of being at the facility.

These guidelines have been developed to ensure an enjoyable and predictable experience for all Canyon Center visitors. Please read all sections carefully as we appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Contact us if you'd like clarification or additional information.

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JSU EPIC, Field Schools and Canyon Center
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Available Spaces, Times and Rates:
Events may be held in the following areas. It is expected that clients will visit and understand the sites before making their reservations.

Meeting Rooms
Depending on whether or not our soundproof divider is being used, the Canyon Center has two or three Meeting Rooms (129, 130A and 130B). Each accommodates tables (2'x6') and chairs (metal with seats/backs). Each of the three has a capacity of 30 to 50 people depending upon the section rented and set-up needs. Each of the three rooms has approximately 1000 square feet. The Meeting Rooms have projection screens and whiteboards with outlets and extension cords available. Meeting Room 130A also has rear countertop space with a sink. All meeting rooms have windows with shades, podiums and audio-visual capability including wireless internet for computer presentations.

The Canyon Center Auditorium is 1860 square feet and will accommodate approximately 120 people with chairs only. It will accommodate fewer people when tables are included. It is a flexible space available with a small stage, a surround-sound audio system, projected video capability, wireless internet, acoustic paneling, and direct access to the kitchen.

The centralized kitchen facility has 340 square feet of space and is equipped as a stainless steel catering kitchen with dual sinks for food preparation, triple sinks for dish washing, a standard stove, oven, microwave and hood. It also has a multiple electrical outlets, a refrigerator, ice maker, wall countertops and a central food preparation table. A list of approved caters is available.

The Canyon Center Library is a luxuriously furnished 740 square foot room, with a wood burning fireplace, live plants, sofas, comfortable chairs, HDTV and surround-sound. It may be used as an executive meeting room with a board table that seats eight to ten.

Outdoor Patio
The partially covered and north facing patio is perfect for outdoor meals, receptions and weddings. It is equipped with night lighting as well as access to the North Lawn and kitchen.

Picnic Area
Next door to the Canyon Center is an adjoining picnic area. Far less formal and a bit campy, it is perfect for grilling and BBQ's it is set up to accommodate 40 -50 people with picnic tables and a few small grills (personally owed equipment is permitted). It includes lawn space for games and outdoor activity, a lighted shelter, and separate bath houses for men and women.

Behind the Canyon Center is a system of outdoor trails that extend for nearly two miles of easy walking. Passing through meadows as well as forest, learning stations are being developed (as of April 2010), but guides can be made available for additional interpretation. The trails are perfect for bird watching and other types of nature study. They intersect with the National Park unit and are expected to connect with the new pedestrian walkway on the Highway 35 Bridge by 2011.

Canyon Center Rental Rates

Please call (256) 845-3548 or email the Canyon Center for rates and availability.

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