What is the CBASE?
The College Basic Academic Subjects Examination, or CBASE, is an assessment of students' accomplishments in "general education." General education refers to the knowledge and skills expected of most college graduates regardless of their major.

The content of the test focuses on English (reading, literature, and writing), mathematics (general mathematics and statistics, algebra, and geometry), science (laboratory and field work, the fundamental concepts of life sciences and physical sciences), and social studies (history and the social sciences). In addition, the exam assesses your reasoning skills--i.e., ability to interpret and analyze information and to develop reasonable conclusions or hypotheses.

Who should take the CBASE?
Completion of the CBASE is a graduation requirement for all baccalaureate degrees. Students are eligible to take the test when they have completed at least 90 hours. 

What should I bring to the CBASE?
When you register you should print your verification form. You will need this form as well as a photo ID (student ID card, driver's license or government ID card). If you have misplaced your verification form or have difficulties printing your verification form, you can be admitted only if you are on the roster and have a valid student ID.

For the CBASE you will need sharpened no. 2 lead pencils. You are also allowed a standard calculator. Please, do not bring a cell phone, pager or any other alarm device (including watches of any kind )with you to the testing. Also,

Why are students required to take the CBASE?
The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (SACS) is the accreditation agency for Jacksonville State University. To maintain accreditation, SACS requires that member institutions establish procedures for evaluating the extent to which their educational goals are being achieved. The CBASE is the University's primary means of evaluating those general educational goals that are not directly related to a specific major. The general education goals are based on the University's "core curriculum."

What will be done with the CBASE results?
SACS requires that the University's evaluation process "use the results of these evaluations to improve institutional programs, services, and operations." Results from your performance on the CBASE are used to evaluate the University's programs (curriculum) and processes (instruction). Your graduation does not depend upon your CBASE score. The University receives reports on the performance of each student. Your results will be provided to the University's Core Curriculum Review Committee for evaluation of the core curriculum. The department or college in which you majored will also receive a report of your results.

How will I benefit from taking the CBASE?
Your CBASE report will describe how your score in each area compares to a norm group of students from many colleges and universities. If you give the test your best effort, the report will provide an objective assessment of what you have achieved in college. You may include the results in your resume. By your conscientious effort on the test, you will know that you have contributed to the effort to improve your university. As the University improves, so will your pride in your alma mater.

When should I take the CBASE?
Students are eligible to take the CBASE when they have completed at least 90 credit hours. However, it is recommended that you take the CBASE a Semester before or during your graduating semester.

How long is the CBASE?
You should anticipate being in the testing session from three and one-half to four hours. This includes time allowed for instructions, distributing materials, and a short break during the test. Each test is timed, and no one will be allowed to leave early. Students leaving before the end of the testing period will have their answer document voided and must complete all sections of the test at a later test date.

Can I study for the CBASE?
The tests are designed to test what a student should have learned within the core curriculum; however, some sample questions are provided in the links below.
English Science
Math Social Studies

How do I register?
You register for the CBASE online. If you need assistance with the online form, please contact Counseling Services at (256) 782-5475. If any further assistance is needed, please feel free to come by our offices at 140 Daugette Hall.