Tenzing Ingty, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor
Martin Hall 124B

I am a conservation biologist. My research focuses on global environmental change and its impacts on coupled human and natural systems. I conduct interdisciplinary research that utilizes diverse tools and techniques from the natural sciences, social sciences, and geospatial science and have worked on the complex interactions among physical geography, biodiversity, and indigenous peoples in the Himalayan biodiversity hotspot. In addition to my research, I have also worked with developmental agencies and think tanks conducting livelihood outreach activities that involved working with stakeholders at multiple scales including administrators at state, district, and village levels in India. The common theme in all these projects is human-environment interactions. I am passionate about sharing my research with both academic and non-academic groups.

Tenzing Ingty

Courses Offered

  • Biological Conservation (BY303)
  • Introductory Biology II (BY 102)


  • 2021 Ph.D.; Environmental Biology; University of Massachusetts Boston
  • 2008 M.S.; Botany; University of Delhi
  • 2005 B.S.; Northeastern Hill University