Transfer Prep Program

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JSU Transfer Prep, JSU’s concurrent enrollment program, allows you to save money and get ahead by taking JSU courses while enrolled at your community college.

Benefits of Transfer Prep

  • Stay on time or get ahead by taking select courses you need before transferring.
  • Save money with 50% off tuition and a waived general university fee.
  • Get to know JSU advisors and faculty in your intended major.
  • Enjoy JSU student benefits with a JSU student ID, such as entry to JSU home athletic events, access to the Houston Cole Library, and other student support services.

For students planning to major in all education programs

Available course:

ED 302 - Introductory Foundations in Teacher Education (WI) (3)
This is an introductory foundations course to teacher education and the College of Education and Professional Studies Conceptual Framework. Students observe classroom teaching techniques, participate in on-campus and/or off-campus tutoring program for K-12 students, and prepare for eligibility in the Teacher Education Program. It is a requirement for all initial education candidates (those seeking a Class-B teaching certificate), and is required prior to Teacher Education Program eligibility. ED 302 is to be taken after 30 semester hours of core curriculum coursework have been been completed. (Writing Intensive Course)

For students planning to major in Criminal Justice

Available course:

CJ 225 - Criminal Courts (3)
Prerequisite(s): CJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice OR Community College Equivalent
An analysis of the roles of the Criminal Courts in their interactions with the major participants in the Criminal Justice System; the Court structure and functions; selected critical cases and key issues, such as sentencing and plea bargaining. CJ 225 is equivalent to FI 225, and only one may be taken for credit.

For students planning to major in Forensic Investigation

Available course:

FI 204 - Introduction to Forensic Investigation (3)
Prerequisite(s): CJ 101 - Introduction to Criminal Justice OR Community College Equivalent
Introduction to the development of Forensic Investigations and its contribution to the Criminal Justice System and the applications of the scientific discipline to the examination and analysis of physical evidence.

How to Apply

  1. Submit the Transfer Prep Application
  2. Send official transcripts from the community college where you are currently enrolled

*Already applied but never attended? Fill out your Application for Readmission

Admission Requirements

To be admitted, students must:

  • Be currently enrolled at a community college
  • Be in good standing at their current community college
  • Have satisfied any pre-requisite requirements established by their program of choice:
    • Teacher Prep: must have at least 30 semester hours of core curriculum coursework completed
    • Criminal Justice: must have completed CJ 101 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) OR Community College Equivalent
    • Forensic Investigation: must have completed CJ 101 (Introduction to Criminal Justice) OR Community College Equivalent

Billing and Financial Aid

  • Transfer Prep students will be billed 50% of JSU tuition and any course-specific fees. They will not pay the general university fee.
  • View the Academic Calendar for payment deadlines for Transfer Prep students.
  • Transfer Prep students will not receive federal financial aid from JSU but may be able to count their JSU hours for financial aid if they attend a participating community college listed below:
    • Northeast Alabama Community College
    • Southern Union State Community College
    • Snead State Community College
  • Transfer Prep students must pay their bill in full by the payment deadline to avoid being dropped from their JSU classes.

Next Steps for Admitted Transfer Prep Students

Access Your Accounts

Set up your MyJaxState and GEM accounts (information in acceptance letter).

Meet With Your Advisor

Reach out to your assigned Academic Advisor to schedule an appointment (information in acceptance letter).

Pay Your Bill

Use MyJaxState to pay your bill by clicking on "View Account/Make Payment." View the Academic Calendar for payment deadline information.

Apply to Transfer

After registration, remember to submit a Readmission Application to apply as a First-Time Transfer.

  • Students who participate in Transfer Prep and have never attended JSU as a degree-seeking student will still be considered First-Time Transfer for admissions and scholarship purposes when they fully transfer to JSU.

Important Info

  • Admission as a Transfer Prep student does not guarantee admission to any academic program, nor does it guarantee admission as a First-Time Transfer.
  • When a Transfer Prep student fully transfers or enrolls as another student type at JSU, they will pay the standard JSU tuition and fee rate.
  • If a student wishes to take additional JSU coursework outside of the approved Transfer Prep courses, they may apply as a non-degree/transient student and pay the standard JSU tuition and fee rate.
  • Students who have already earned an associate degree are not eligible for Transfer Prep.

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