GEM Information

DUO Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) Now Required for All GEM Users

When using JSU E-mail, Teams, OneDrive and other GEM applications outside of the JSU network, a prompt for authorization from DUO will occur after entering your GEM username and password.  Information on how to enroll in DUO can be found on MyJSU under DUO Resources.

Changes to GEM – Microsoft 365 (Email, Teams, etc.) accounts

If your passwords for GEM and MyJSU are not currently the same, your passwords for both accounts will now be synchronized. You will therefore need to use your MyJSU password to log in GEM (email).

When this sync occurs, any password change must be done in MyJSU.  Changing your password in MyJSU will update both your MyJSU and GEM passwords going forward.

Need help accessing your GEM account?

Step 1: Login to GEM

  • GEM URL:  
  • Username:
  • Initial Password: J- followed by your 6 digit birth date (mmddyy) and last 4 digits of your JSU ID* :    J-MMDDYY####
    Example: If your birthday is 02/17/1992 and student number is 142547876, your temporary password would be J-0217927876

To find your JSU ID: In MyJSU, click "View Student Profile" within the Student Links Section

Step 2: Create a new password

  • Enter initial password from Step 1 (Office 365 will refer to this as "old" password)
  • Create new password and confirm
  • Submit the password change
  • NOTE: Office 365 requires strong password - make sure to remember your new password

Step 3: Setup mobile devices (optional)

Follow the instructions linked below for your device
  • iPhones & iPads - Follow steps in section entitled "Work or school email accounts that use Office 365"
  • Android Devices - Follow steps in section entitled "Set up work or school email accounts that use Office 365"
  • Windows Phone - Follow steps in section entitled "Set up an Office 365 for business or other Exchange-based email account"

Step 4: You're done!

You can now Login to your GEM account.