CockyBucks is a new program for all students not required to have a meal plan that are taking 6 or more hours of in-person or hybrid classes starting this fall. We have started this program to help all students take advantage of on-campus benefits that they may not have before. Cocky Bucks begin in the Fall and students will be able to use starting the first day of classes. All Cocky Bucks MUST be used by July 31st or you will lose the accumulated amount. A new Cocky Bucks allotment will begin every Fall semester if you meet the requirements.

How much does it cost?

All students who qualify for CockyBucks will have a $302.50 fee applied to their account after registration each semester. The funds will be made available on the first day of class, and students will be able to spend that $302.50 using their student ID card at the listed locations.

Even though only certain students automatically qualify for this benefit, all students will have the option to load funds directly to their accounts through JSU OneWeb. This also means students who spend their original $302.50 will have the option to load more funds to their account as well.

CockyBucks can be spent at the following locations:

  • All TMB Food Court Vendors
  • Jack Hopper Dining Hall
  • Virtual Dining Options (Mr. Beast Burger, Buddy V’s Cakes, Mariah Carey’s Cookies, Pardon My Cheesesteak)
  • We Proudly Serve
  • Swirl
  • WOW!
  • Struts of Jacksonville (Alcohol not included)
  • Mason's BBQ - Jacksonville
  • All campus food truck vendors
Questions? Contact us by phone at (256) 782-5557 or by email at