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Sociology is the study of how we live together, and how our lives are structured by social institutions, culture and history. 

Sociology is all around you!!
You will find sociologists studying people in their 'natural habitats', in schools, medical facilities, sporting events, parties, weddings, during disasters and many many more.

What can you do with a degree in sociology? 
Anything you want!! 

Sociology prepares you for the 21st century job market.  

A degree in Sociology provides strong preparation for entry level positions throughout the education, counseling, legal, business, health professions, social services, criminal justice system, and government worlds.  Explore the career link on the left for more information about careers and salaries.  

Sociology provides life skills that transfer from one setting to another and are adaptable to an innovative economy. 

Critical Thinking:  recognize evidence needed to say something is true or false. 

Observational:  Detect subtle differences in human behavior and be able to identify what can affect those differences. 

Statistics and Research:  Conceptualize, design, and implement projects and studies that produce useful information for any organization.

Communication:  Express ideas in clear, concise, and meaningful language.

Interpersonal:  Work on task forces and self-managed task teams, as well as initiate ideas and pursue a project independently.

Leadership: Anticipate and help others adapt to changing priorities of an organization.

Analysis: Comprehend, synthesize, and interpret large amounts of information and data.  

Computer Literacy Gather research and create charts, tables, and reports.

Cultural Competency:  Work effectively with individuals of different ethnicities, races, religions, genders, and socioeconomic backgrounds.

Sociology helps you understand and improve:

You and Your Interactions

Sociology helps you understand and improve:

Your Organizations

Sociology helps you understand and improve:

Social Institutions:

How do you know if Sociology is right for you?

SY221 Introduction to Sociology

Fulfills the university’s general education requirement for history, social and behavior sciences. 


Minor in Sociology:  18 hours of Sociology courses with a completely online, traditional face-to-face classroom or blended option. 


Major in Sociology:  30 hours of Sociology with a mostly online, traditional face-to-face and blended option.  

Explore more about careers in sociology and sociology at JSU with the tabs on the left and be sure to contact one of our faculty and/or main office when you are ready to sign up!!

Because sociology truly is