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The JSU Sociology program is dedicated to giving students the tools to understand, explain and predict the relationship between systems and individuals, hone their critical thinking, written and oral communication skills and build dispositions necessary for ethical, social and intellectual development.  In so doing, we provide students with necessary tools that will enable them to make sense of the changing and conflictual social world we live in.  This allows them to contribute to solutions for the social problems that we face.

For more information on a career with a Sociology degree, please visit the American Sociological Association, 

What is Sociology?

Sociology is the study of how we live together, and how our lives are structured by social institutions, culture and history. 

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Sociology is all around you!!

You will find sociologists studying people in their 'natural habitats', in schools, medical facilities, sporting events, parties, weddings, during disasters and many, many more.

What can you do with a degree in sociology? 

Anything you want!! 
Sociology prepares you for the 21st century job market.  

A degree in Sociology provides strong preparation for entry level positions throughout the education, counseling, legal, business, health professions, social services, criminal justice system, and government worlds. 

Explore Careers in Sociology

Sociology provides life skills that transfer from one setting to another and are adaptable to an innovative economy. 

  • Critical Thinking:  Debunking common sense understanding of the real world. 
  • Communication:  Engage in and facilitate civil discourse designed to build consensus through writing and dialogue. 
  • Analysis: Comprehend and synthesize information and data at the micro, meso and macro levels of analysis.   
  • Cultural Competency:  Understand how race/class/gender (and other social locations) are impacted by systems of power and privilege. 
  • Civic Engagement: Participate in activities of personal and public concern that are both individually life enriching and socially beneficial to the community.  

Sociology helps you understand and improve: You and Your Interactions

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Sociology helps you understand and improve: Your Organizations

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Sociology helps you understand and improve: Social Institutions:

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How do you know if Sociology is right for you?

Take SY221 Introduction to Sociology
Fulfills the university’s general education requirement for history, social and behavior sciences. 


Minor in Sociology:  18 hours of Sociology courses with a completely online, traditional face-to-face classroom or blended option. 


Major in Sociology:  30 hours of Sociology entirely on line, traditional face-to-face and blended option.  

Explore more about careers in sociology and sociology at JSU with the tabs on the left and be sure to contact one of our faculty and/or main office when you are ready to sign up!!

Because sociology truly is All Around You!!