Employee Recognition and Appreciation

Employees of the Month and Year

Mark Camp and Dustin JSU's Monthly and Annual Recognition Award Programs formally recognize those who have served JSU in an exceptional manner by:

  • exemplifying outstanding customer service
  • actively supporting JSU’s strategic goals and initiatives
  • consistently exhibiting a positive attitude that is "above and beyond"
  • maintaining a high degree of excellence, professionalism and integrity.

There are two awards given each month; one each to a professional and support staff employee. The Employees of the Year are chosen from the winners of the Employee of the Month Award. The Employees of the Year are announced each December.

Any employee can nominate a fellow employee for the monthly award.

Congratulations to Mark Camp (top photo), JSU's 2019 Support Staff Employee of the Year; and Dustin Christopher (bottom photo), JSU's 2019 Professional Staff Employee of the Year!

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Faculty Awards

We are proud of the outstanding faculty who share their knowledge and expertise with our students. Each May, some of our best and brightest are honored during the Faculty Awards program, sponsored by the JSU Faculty Commons and the Division of Academic Affairs. These award winners are chosen by their peers. 

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Service Awards

At JSU we place great value on the individual and combined experience of our faculty and staff. We recognize our employees who reach service milestones in their careers, awarding service pins and other incentives at years 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, and beyond. 

Staff members receive their pins at the annual service awards and holiday event in December.

Faculty members receive their pins at the Faculty Awards ceremony in May.

Super U Rewards

JSU's Super U Reward is an ongoing award program that allows any JSU employee, at any time, to recognize another JSU employee who was witnessed going the extra mile to provide outstanding service to the JSU community through the demonstration of outstanding behavior, or going beyond JSU’s mission, vision, and values to help another employee, department, or students. The Super U Reward provides timely recognition in a non-monetary award format to employees.

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