Meet Our Staff

Doctor Lori Owens

Dr. Lori J. Owens

Honors Program Director

Janet Whitmore

Mrs. Janet Whitmore

Honors Program Coordinator

Amy Tomlinson

Ms. Amy Tomlinson

Honors Program Secretary

Honors Board

Dr. Lori J. Owens
Director of Honors Program, Chair
Senior Director of Undergraduate Studies and Special Programs

Dr. Benjie Blair
Professor of Biology

Mr. Andrew C. Green
Director of Community Engagement

Dr. Tony McCutchen
Department Head of Music
Professor of Percussion

Dr. Ellen Peck
Associate Professor of Drama

Ms. Amy Tomlinson
Secretary of Honors Program

Ms. Janet Whitmore
Coordinator of Honors Program

Ms. Lisa Williams
Associate Vice Provost

JSU Honors Board

The Honors Board, from left: Ms. Janet Whitmore, Dr. Lori Owens, Dr. Ellen Peck, Dr. Tony McCutchen, Ms. Lisa Williams, Dr. Benjie Blair, and Ms. Amy Tomlinson. (Not pictured: Mr. Andy Green)