Honors Curriculum

Classes in the Honors Program are designed for outstanding, motivated students and are taught in small classes by some of JSU's most innovative and engaging faculty. Honors classes are small and are offered in the School of Arts & Humanities, School of Science, School of Business & Industry, and the School of Human Services & Social Sciences. In fact, many Honors classes fulfill freshman and sophomore general education requirements in degree majors.

A wide variety of Honors courses in the general education curriculum along with University Honors Participation courses are offered each semester. Students with AP or dual enrollment credit will have the opportunity to earn the required Honors hours. 

Students must be members of the Honors Program to enroll in Honors classes.

A grade of “A” or “B” in Honors courses is required to earn Honors credit.

School of Arts & Humanities

12208 DR252 Honors Intro to Theatre TR 0915 -1045 Peck
10309 EH103 Honors English Composition I TBA 9:15-10:45 Reed
10311 EH104 Honors English Composition II MWF 11:15-12:15 Mattox
10364 EH219 Honors Literature I TR 9:15-10:45 Jones
10365 EH219 Honors Literature II MWF 10:00-11:00 Reed
12896 HY103 Honors Western Civilization I MWR 12:30-13:30 Prudlo
12319 HY203 Honors American History I TR 11:00-12:30 Levi
10667 MU236 Honors Introduction to Music TR 9:15-10:45 Wilcox
University Honors
12454 UH101  Honors Lecture  M 1345 -1445  Reed
12457 UH201  Forum  M 1115 -1215  Rider
12458 UH202  Book Club  1230 -1330  Blair
12459 UH202  Book Club  1430 -1530  Heathcock
12460 UH202  Book Club  1500 -1600  Mattox
12467 UH202  Book Club  1615 -1715  Stephens

School of Business & Industry

11087 EC225 Honors Principles of Microeconomics TR 9:15-10:45 Bennett
11398 EC226 Honors Principles of Macroeconomics MWF 7:30-8:30 McCarty

School of Science

11653 BY105 Honors Introductory Biology I TR 12:45-14:15 Cline
11655 BY107 Honors Introductory Biology Lab I W 12:30-14:30 Cline
11658 BY107 Honors Introductory Biology Lab I W 12:30-14:30 Cline
Computer Science
11894 CS202 Honors Intro Information Tech TR 9:15-10:45 TBA

School of Human Services & Social Sciences

11217 PSY202 Honors Principles of Psychology MWF 8:45-09:45 Dempsey
11285 PSY498 Honors Thesis I TBA TBA TBA

School of Arts and Humanities

CRN Course Course Description Meeting Days Time Instructor
22733 ART203 Honors Art Appreciation TR 915-1045 Springer, Mary
21672 EH104 Honors English Composition II MWF 845-945 Douglas, Christopher
21796 EH220 Honors Literature II TR 915-1045 Reed, Teresa
21797 EH220 Honors Literature II TR 1100-1230 Reed, Teresa
21522 HY104 Honors Western Civilization II MWF 1230-1330 Lemmons, Russel
21559 HY204 Honors American History II TR 1100-1230 Levi, Tamara

School of Business

CRN Course Course Description Meeting Days Time Instructor
22158 EC225 Honors Prin of Microeconomics TR 915-1045 Bennett, Doris
21683 EC226 Honors Prin of Macroeconomics MWF 730-830 McCarty, Cynthia

School of Science

CRN Course Course Description Meeting Days Time Instructor
22084 BY106 Honors Introductory Biology II TR 915-1045 Cline, George
22038 BY108 Honors Intro Biology Lab II T 1230-1430 TBA
22039 BY108 Honors Intro Biology Lab II W 1230-1430 TBA

School of Human Services and Social Sciences

CRN Course Course Description Meeting Days Time Instructor
21400 PSY498 Honors Thesis I TBA
21401 PSY499 Honors Thesis II TBA

University Honors

CRN Course Course Description Meeting Days Time Instructor
22052 UH101 Honors Lecture T 1615-1715 Sauterer, Roger
22057 UH101 Honors Lecture T 945-1045 Paynter, Kelly
20019 UH202 Book Club R 1100-1200 Hill, Lori
22059 UH202 Book Club M 1500-1600 Johnson, Karlie
22718 UH202 Book Club W 1345-1445 Upchurch, John
22749 UH300 Honors Special Topics W 145-245 Gross, Ben

Honors Program members are required to complete at least three hours from the following list of University Honors (UH) Participation courses by the end of their fourth semester in the program. These UH Participation courses count as part of the required 24 hours of Honors credits. Entering freshmen who have earned 31 or more credit hours may apply for a waiver of two of the three required UH Participation courses.

University Honors (UH) 101 Honors Lecture 

1-hour course; Pass/Fail. Students may receive credit for a maximum of two of these. The topic of this course would vary each semester (service learning, education reform, poverty, tax reform, etc.). This course would be an open forum for the discussion of ideas and submission of reflective papers and/or service-learning projects.

University Honors (UH) 201 Honors Forum 

1-hour course; Pass/Fail.  Students may receive credit for a maximum of two of these. Students enrolled in these courses will be required to attend a certain number of campus events (pre-approved by Honors) and discuss and submit reflective papers for each event.

University Honors (UH) 202 Honors Book Club

1-hour course; Pass/Fail. Students may receive credit for a maximum of two of these. Students enrolled in this course will perform assigned reading and actively participate in class discussions.

University Honors Course Instructors

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Honors by Contract (HBC) is another way to fulfill the Honors Program curriculum requirements. Most courses numbered 300 or above at JSU are eligible for Honors by Contract. 

Course contracts enable students to earn Honors credit by incorporating an Honors component within a regularly offered class. Honors contract courses ideally require something qualitatively different rather than something quantitatively more. Enhanced substitutions for the normal course requirements are preferable to more of the same. The component should be designed to incorporate a "consolidating experience," a written paper or report (possibly including a class presentation) that serves to bring the experience together.

Where longer papers, additional reports, etc., are called for, the added work should be designed to fulfill a larger learning objective. Teaching one or more classes and doing special research projects (especially in the STEM fields) have been especially beneficial. Wherever possible, Honors students should share the results of their work with the class in the form of an oral presentation, a poster session, or some other means.

If a student completes the contracted course with a grade of "B" or better and satisfactorily completes the terms of the contract during the semester that credit is earned, the student will earn an Honors credit for the course. Students receiving an "Incomplete" in a course that they have contracted will not receive Honors credit for the course. Likewise, students receiving an "A" or "B" in a contracted course who did not complete the terms of their contract will not receive Honors credit. If a student is unable to complete the contracted work, the student can still receive credit for the course but cannot receive an Honors credit.

Honors by Contract in Chemistry and Geosciences

With the permission of the faculty member, students may be able to select from upper level courses in the Department of Chemistry and Geosciences and designate them as honors by contract course. Options for honors activities within these courses may include: additional research experience, presentations at conferences, written assignments, community engagement and/or service learning opportunities.

Honors by Contract in Nursing
Students are able to choose from any upper division nursing course as a designated honors by contract course. Options for honors activities within these courses may include additional clinical experiences, presentations, written assignments, community engagement and service-learning opportunities

All Honors by Contracts must be submitted online by the first day of classes in the semester the student is completing the contract.

Verification of completion of Honors by Contracts are due no later than the Monday of the last week of classes. This means your projects/papers/presentations will be due to your instructor prior to this date.

Honors by Contract Instructions (PDF)

Honors by Contract Steps for Students (PDF)

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