Committees 2018-2019


Patrick McGrail, President  |  Chair
Michael Boynton, President-Elect
Wendy Stephens, Secretary 
Tom Anderson, Historian

Admissions & Scholarship 


Ben Boozer Monica Trifas | chair
Kay Lang Christi Trucks
Jeff Dodd Jeffrey van Slyke
Russell Hammack Teje Sult
Michael Boynton | ex officio Michael Boynton | ex officio



Sarah Miles Lori Hill
Jimmy Triplett Paul Beezley
Christy Burns Andrew Nevala
Pitt Harding Bill Lester
Michael Boynton | ex officio Michael Boynton | ex officio


Faculty Research Committee*

Kimberly Stevens Shannon Robertson
Vicki Tinnon Brock Tom Anderson | chair
Mike Davis Kim Westbrooks
Michael Boynton | ex officio Pam White
Stan Newton
Jeff Dodd
  Rebecca Peinhardt
Hungwei Tseng
Jeremy Ross
Joe Walsh | ex officio
* Faculty Research Grant applications and Faculty Research Awards activity forms should be submitted using the online forms. Questions may be directed to Tom Anderson at For the application forms and more information, please see the Academic Affairs pages on Research Awards and Research Grants.