Jacksonville State University Teacher Fellows

Laurie Amberson, Mike Beavers, Kim Beck
Evelyn Dunn, Charles Hoffman,
Cecil Hollinquest, Ann Jones, Farrah Kilgo
Charissa Lambert, Holly Matthews
Summer McNeal, Stephanie Meagher
Patti Shields, Jennie Vaughn 


Mary White

Jacksonville State University 
2010 Thornburg Award
Outstanding Cooperating Teacher of the Year

Ms. Mary White of Anniston, Alabama received the Jacksonville State University 2010 Thornburg Award for Outstanding Cooperating Teacher of the Year at the spring initiation ceremony of the Jacksonville State University Chapter of Phi Delta Kappa. The award recognizes an outstanding cooperating teacher as nominated by JSU students and the coordinator of Clinical Experiences. The cooperating teacher works with the JSU pre-service teachers on a regular basis in the school setting and sees their progress throughout the semester during their internship.

Charlene McCoy

Etowah County Teacher of the Year 2007

Each year, Etowah County school teachers nominate one of their own for Teacher of the Year recognition. Three finalists are chosen and, after a closed panel interview conducted by three Etowah County school administrators, an overall winner is chosen.

Sherry KughnSherry Kughn

Author, writer and owner of the branded "Heart Tree Books - Encouragement for Christian Mothers"

Sherry Kughn, is the creative genius behind this series of Christian women's books related to Christian women, their children, and empty nesting. The first book in the branded Heart Tree Series is "Heart Tree for Empty Nesters." Sherry, an inspirational and keynote speaker, attended Jacksonville State University and graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Education, and a Master's Degree in English.

While attending JSU, Sherry wrote for Gem of the Hills alumni magazine, newspaper, and conducted radio interviews for Dr. William Meehan, President of JSU. She has spent her career in journalism at the "Anniston Star" newspaper in Anniston, Alabama. She has published articles for HomeLife, Christian Woman, and Longleaf magazines. Mrs. Kughn won second place in the 2006 Alabama Writer's Conclave writing competition, juvenile division, for her manuscript - "The Gift of the Kaleidoscope." Currently she is editor for the "Oxford Sun" weekly newspaper.

Ruth Gunter Mitchell Ruth Gunter Mitchell

Author - Nothing But The Blood

Ruth Gunter Mitchell was born in Calhoun County and earned her bachelor's degree in Education with a major in English and minor in Economics from JSU in 1967. In 1982, she received my Masters Degree with a concentration in English.

In January 2001, Mrs. Gunter Mitchell retired as an English teacher from the Calhoun County School System and finished the first two of the three parts of "Nothing But The Blood." Once completed the book was put away until 2005, when Part III was written.

"Nothing But the Blood" was published through BookSurge, a division of

Keitts Rainbow Days Mcilwain, Anna Keitt

Author - Keitt's Rainbow Days 1917 - 1919

Anna Keitt Mcilwain (M.A.'62) is retired from the Talladega City School District. She was installed as an elder for 2005-2007, and was installed as moderator for Presbyterian Women of Sheppards and Lapsley Presbytery at the Spring Gathering in Tuscaloosa, AL