JSU Admission Appeals

Jacksonville State University considers all students who apply for admission based on a submitted application, high school grade point average, ACT/SAT scores, and other forms of documentation to support a student’s ability to be a successful college student. Should students not meet the admissions requirements set by JSU, they have the right to appeal their admissions decision by providing additional documentation.

Can I appeal my Admission Decision?

The Office of Admissions will consider the appeals of applicants who are denied admission to the university due to not meeting the admission requirements. We will also allow students to appeal their admissions category for a higher category (i.e. students accepted conditionally can appeal to be accepted unconditionally). 

How do I start the Admission Appeal Process?

Minimum Requirements

    • Two Letters of Recommendation from two different core subject teachers (English,  History, Math, Science). Letters must be on school letterhead or sent by email from the teachers’ school email address.
    • letter/email from student explaining why the admissions committee should accept them

Additional optional supporting documents

    • Letter of Recommendation from a school official, coach, or club organizer (Letters must be on official letterhead or sent by email from an official email address)
    • A letter on letterhead from a physician verifying the medical or learning condition or situation that prohibited the student from meeting admissions requirements
    • Updated high school transcript
    • Updated ACT or SAT scores

What happens next?

Once all required documents have been received your appeal packet will be sent to the JSU Admissions Appeals Committee

The Admissions Appeals Committee is made up of JSU faculty and staff from a variety of units across campus.

The Admission Committee will review all documents submitted by the student for their appeal.  The Committee will decide if these documents warrant changes to a students’ admissions decision. 

Once the review of an appeal is complete, the student will be notified of their decision, receiving an updated Admission Letter.