Policy and Procedure


We provide video production, engineering support and experiential learning opportunities to Jacksonville State University. All activities of the Digital Media Support are designed to positively impact JSU's public image and the instructional mission of the University.

Areas of Service

We have a long history of providing promotional videos and commercials for the university and its various programs. While full-time have been the primary crew for production work, we also provide production opportunities to Communication students. The combined expertise of our staff enables us to lend both technical and video production support to numerous areas at JSU.

  • We provide the Department of Communication instructional and technical support for faculty and students, and engineering support of shared facilities and resources.
  • We provide WLJS-FM technical and engineering support for their broadcast facilities.
  • We provide live video production and streaming of JSU Graduation Commencement Ceremonies.


We accept requests from both the academic and non-academic departments of JSU; however, we are not able to accept requests from either commercial or religious entities. Video production requests are evaluated in the order in which they are received. Due to a limited staff, major projects may take several months to a year to complete, depending on how complex the production is. Requests for video production projects should be submitted several weeks before the first production date desired. This advance notice is necessary for acceptance of the project, completing any financial arrangements, scheduling planning sessions, script writing, etc. Requests for a simple video production (recording requiring no editing, one camera, a single shooting session) should be submitted a minimum of two weeks before the event to be recorded.


In order to produce a quality program, we must know details such as script, taping locations, narration, special editing requirements, type of music best suited to the project, target audience, and the desired reaction to be evoked from the audience; these important aspects should be ascertained before production begins.


When adequate time, personnel, and equipment resources are available we will generally accept projects that...

  • Provide significant support to one or more academic or non-academic departments at JSU.
  • Promote a positive public image for JSU.
  • Provide a public service that is consistent with the goals and objectives of JSU.
  • Provide hands-on experiential learning opportunities for JSU students.


Our services are provided for the academic and non-academic departments of JSU. The only charges that a JSU department may be required to pay would be for supplies (such as the cost of digital media, DVD media, copies, caption services, parts, additional equipment, etc.), or for extra crew, travel, overtime, or other expenses that are not covered in our departmental operating budget.


When a request for an advanced video is received, a systematic procedure is set in motion. An advanced video would be a project requiring more than a single videotaping session, the use of more than one camera, and editing.

  • A client contacts us and submits a production request form.
  • We meet with client to discuss feasibility, gather details of production criteria, and prepare a "ballpark" estimate.
  • If prior commitments exist, the project may be placed on a waiting list; otherwise, a pre-production meeting will be scheduled for further discussion and clarification of production criteria.
  • A script will be written and approved by the client.
  • The production will be recorded and edited according to agreed upon criteria.
  • The production will be presented to the client for approval.
  • The client will make any required reimbursements.
  • The completed project will be released to the client.
  • After project completion we will request that the client complete a follow up survey.