STARS Area V: Criminal Justice (Concentration in Corrections or Law Enforcement)

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Jacksonville State University is dedicated to making the transfer transition as easy as possible.  As required by Alabama State Law, Jacksonville State University will take your course work as outlined on the STARS Transfer Guide and graduate you with the same number of hours as our native students in the same major (assuming you do not change majors).  The STARS Transfer Guide and the Jacksonville State University Area V page, if used correctly, will guide you through your first two years of course work and will prevent loss of credit hours upon transfer to Jacksonville State University.  If you have obtained a STARS Transfer Guide for Criminal Justice, we strongly recommend that you print this page and use it along with your official STARS guide.  Upon transfer, please bring these documents to your advisor so that we can insure a smooth academic transition from the community college to Jacksonville State University.   


You are to follow the appropriate STARS transfer guide as directed in each AREA of your major specific guide, unless exceptions and/or recommendations are noted in the corresponding AREA(S) I-V on this Jacksonville State University AREA V document.  Please follow any recommendation within an AREA to insure a better transfer experience.

Area I

A grade of "C" or higher is required in English Composition at Jacksonville State University. "D" grades will not transfer.

Area II

Students attending Jacksonville State University are required to take Speech for this major. Students attending a community college should to take SPH 106 or 107 to meet this requirement.

Area III

JSU accepts MTH 110, MTH 112, or higher math for this major.

Area IV

JSU students pursuing a major in Criminal Justice are required to take PSY 200 and SOC 200 as social and behavior science courses in AREA IV. PSY 200 and SOC 200 are strongly recommended for transfer students majoring in Criminal Justice.

Area V: 19 Hours

JSU Course

  • CS 201 Information Technology (3 hrs)
  • MS 204 Basic Stats (3 hrs) or ST 260 Stats I (3)
  • CJ 101 Intro to Criminal Justice (3 hrs)
  • CJ 200 Intro to Corrections (3 hrs)
  • Or CJ 202 Intro to Law Enforcement (3 hrs)

(depending on chosen concentration)

  • CJ 201 Criminal Law (3 hrs)
  • PSC 100 American Government (3 hrs)
  • General Elective (1 hr)

AL Community College System Course

  • CIS 146
  • MTH 204, MTH 265, or BUS 271
  • CRJ 100
  • CRJ 150
  • or CRJ 110

(depending on chosen concentration)

  • CRJ 140
  • POL 211
  • General Elective

Please print this page, fill in your name and today's date, and attach it to your STARS Transfer Guide.  Together this page and the transfer guide comprise the articulation agreement for students in your major who plan to transfer to Jacksonville State University.

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