Plays and Theatrical Essays of Elizabeth Robins

  • Votes for Women
    • The most noteworthy of the theatrical efforts by Elizabeth Robins, it has been several times anthologized and several times produced in contemporary times. The published version appeared in 1909, two years after Robins had adapted the play as the best selling novel The Convert. Both are available in web editions. The play at
    • Prompt book text of the 1907 Court Theatre Production.  The most noteworthy of the theatrical efforts by Elizabeth Robins. This was listed in a prominient scholarly work as if published by Jacksonville State University Press, though it has not officially been published, except in typed format, sprial bound. It served as the source text for the edition published in Katherine Kelly's volume, Modern Drama by Women, but that printing excised the Granville Barker Stage directions. Purchase page at Routledge for Modern Drama by Women.
      • Program for University of North Alabama's production of Votes for Women, November 1997.
      • The Guardian revisits the April 1907 Court Theatre production in this 2003 article by Samantha Ellis. Guardian Arcticle on line.
    • More information on Votes.
  • Alan's Wife (1893) a collaboration with Florence Bell to dramatize a translation of Befraid.
  • Other plays by Robins (unproduced, unpublished in her lifetime):
    • The Mirkwater [Although not published in her lifetime, a typscript was prepared by Miami University of Ohio, Link not currently active,] 
    • The Silver Lotus
    • Where Are You Going? (adaptation of the novel published in the US as My Little Sister).
      • Each of these were transcribed by the Project Director and exist as Pdf files. 
    • See also under Alaska, "Bowarra."
    • Benvenuto Cellini
  • Ideas for plays or plays less developed: Evangeline.
  • Essays on the Stage
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